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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Scott Mardis and Plesiosaurs of Lake Champlain

Scott Mardis sent this to my Facebook Wall yesterday and said " It's the unenhanced version of the previous Dennis Hall picture I sent you earlier"
After some discussion I said that there seemed to be two different objects of similar size and shape, facing in different directions but with about a hundred feet of open water in between them. And the objects seem to be differentiated into neck and back portions of equal length in either case. I made the following pasteup showing the object on the left in the orientation as shown and also reversed, and added the Mansi photo also including the reversed image of that one, for purposes of comparison.

The left hand object is not possibly a ripple in the water or any object such as a tree trunk lying flat in the water owing to the fact that the far end of it is clearly elevated above the surface.

While we both agree the Dennis Hall picture is too indistinct to be certain about, I did think the fact that the neck portion i all the objects was similar but for the fact that it seems flexible and is shown in different positions each time.

Katy Elizabeth then (separately) sent in a comparison of the Rhines underwater long necked creature photo
and said she thought it was possibly the same as the Mikko Takala photo object (In the last case I think it is more likely to be a branch in the water) However the Rhines underwater creature would also seem to have a neck that is a good match for the creature in the Lake Champlain images shown above.

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