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Monday, 12 September 2011

NEW REPLY on CFZ Reprint: "Patty" Is Not A Man In A Suit

Once again, Blogger is not allowing me to reply to comments made on my blog postings. We know the drill: if I am not allowed to reply the usual way, I shall simply make a new posting.

shiva has left a new comment on your post "CFZ REPRINT: "Patty" Is Not A Man In A Suit":

I think Patty is human, but not a "normal" human. If you want to see a human that could plausibly (with the addition of fake breasts and more body hair) be Patty, look up images of Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev (eg: ). He even has the "peaked" head and brow ridges (which IMO are not as extreme as in the drawings you show by Bill Munns, but closer to Valuev's profile in that picture).

It doesn't say so on his Wikipedia article, but IMO it's pretty obvious that Valuev has some form of pituitary giantism (as also several famous professional wrestlers and basketball players have had). Take someone like him, or Andre the Giant (etc), cover them in glue and then hair clippings (which would allow for much more "realistic" movement than any sort of suit, and could easily be done over briefs and strapped-on fake breasts to make a male appear female, and thus even more "inhuman" in proportions), and you have a very plausible Patty.

Incidentally, Valuev is currently leading an expedition to look for hominids in Russia: I can't help thinking that he is motivated by people's comments on his own appearance. 

And then my reply:
Yes, I know of the man. NO: in my opinion the crown of his skull is still too high,convex and large to present such an appearance under a hood or mask The hood or mask has GOT to be BIGGER than the head, it cannot be a tight fit. I actually have a head x-ray photo for the man and I can demonstrate that part as well if necessary. It's a good thing you brought up the gigantism angle: critics do try to say that Patty is a more or less normal human (if on the large size) wearing the suit: but the trouble is that when you try to shrink the scale down you are at the same tiime shrinking down the absolute size of the head. That actually makes the problem worse . Valuev's top to his head still goes up in the exact place where it needs top go down to match Patti's head.

And I'll stick to my guns: Patty simply does not look like a man in a suit. A man in a suit has certain anatomical hallmarks that cannot be disguised, Patty does NOT conform to any of them. The anatomy is still wrong, and adding up all the individual exceptions makes the total more wrong still. But if you can actually produce a whole and alive human being that actually looks like Patty with the suit off, I'll reconsider my stance. That truly would be a "Naked Ape" in more ways than one. They would need also to have unusually broad shoulders and long arms, shorter legs than usual and also a caved-in cranium all at the same time But I won't stop you from looking if you want to!

Best Wishes, Dale D.

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