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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Brig on Mothman

Brig had left this as a comment on "Sungods and Dragonslayings" but I did not think it went there. I decided to make a new post of it here instead:

Posted by Brig at 4:26 PM

Mothman has a ready explaination but the story has so many retellings and added on marlarky that the truth would seem too mundane and researchers just couldn't handle it. Mothman was a covert special forces training manuver that went slightly off track. During the Viet-Nam era black single person gliders were being trained for gliding missions in Viet-Nam. As West Virginia is rather outback, secluded, and the lay of the land is similar to that found in Viet-Nam it proved to be an excellent training ground for "The Black Ladies" as the group was code named. One Black lady got seriously off track and landed near a few spectators near Point Pleasant West Virginia, scaring the bejeebers out of several locals. Wearing an early version of the nightgoogle (which glows red, not todays green version, the glidder and pilot was mistaken for some huge horrible moth man. Mass hysteria just added to the story which is still making its rounds today. "Mothman" was picked up by a black stealth heliocopter and thus appeared to shoot straight up into the air. Why the copters blades did not give it away can only be explained by the sheer terror experienced by the observers. So Mothman had nothing to do with the Silver Bridge collaspe and all of those other tales connected with "Mothman" are sheer nonsense and hoopla. But I suppose the myth is more fun than the truth

 on Sungod Dragonslaying: Apollo and Python
To which I reply: what you describe looks nothing like what Mothman was supposed to look like, for which see the homepage illustration for this group. Mothman in fact does look very much like a large owl (the eyes of which glow red) and I suspect that is EXACTLY what people were seeing and reporting on that occasion. I have an older blog posting on that which I can repost here.

Best Wishes, Dale D.

1 comment:

  1. BTW, photo at top shows a kid dressed up as Mothman and the photo below shows the type of glider the "Brig" is talking about. The "Brig" describes a vehicle of a distinctive shape which is NOT reported anywhere near the area in question and his representation of events has no merits.
    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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