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Monday, 18 July 2011

Alex Evan's response about DNA Analysis on the Indiana Thunderbird Feather

Alex Evans Responds:

Hi Dale,
I've had people suggest DNA testing also, but the cost is prohibitive, as you know. I thought if some interested party would like a sample from the feather and could pay for it I would have no objection to having it done once all terms were agreed upon of course.
My theory is that the Thunderbird is some sort of Teratorn/ancient type of Condor. IF the DNA came back as Condor *which the feather most resembles* then I think the mainstream would just say "oh, it's from a wayward Condor".......end of story. Of course if it came from something like an unknown eagle or other......we may have a different response : D


I should mention that "Wayward condor" was the last opinion I had on my unknown feather from Indiana before it went off to Loren Coleman and he said it was from a turkey buzzard.

Best Wishes, Dale D.

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