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Monday, 13 January 2014

Bigfoot Buzz: Could be the Best Bigfoot Film All Time “New Analysis”

Could be the Best Bigfoot Film All Time “New Analysis”

CP Notes > When I first started this Blog in the summer of 2012 I did a post on this film shot by a film maker out of California that spent a lot of time filming in the Sequoia National Park. I’m sure most of you in the bigfoot community have seen this film at one time or another and just passed it off as a stunt. I thought it was way to good in many bigfoot respects to be made by a newbie filmmaker. Now someone has finally analyzed every frame of this film so everyone can witness it’s amazing visual connections to the hairy beast we know as bigfoot.
In the analyzed version by Thinkerthunker I will give you some time marks to look at closely because the original film by Shawn Bannon is shown as it was shot and not zoomed in on to show you these bigfoot closeups.
Time Marks to checkout on Thinkerthunker version  3:15-5:50  Next one is at 7:10 to 7:25  Next Mark is 11:20 to 11:30 Look at the size of the hands and at the 11:27 Look between his legs tell me if this isn’t the creatures penis flopping about. You won’t see it that well in original because you need to zoom in. This close up examination of this film I think makes it as legit to me as the P/G film 19767. What do you think ?
ThinkerThunker Analysis
Shawn Bannon Original Film

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 8 Responses to “Could be the Best Bigfoot Film All Time “New Analysis””

  1. Hey Chuck, thanks for the coverage. I appreciate it.
    I put a link back to you here to say thanks.
  2. Was there any tracks or impressions to coincide with the video?
  3. I agree with Robert, track down the owner of the film and ask him. The film looks good to me.
    By the way, I studied the Stacy Brown thermal footage and I believe the footage is a hoax. I sent my reasons to Cliff Barackman after he forwarded me information regarding the thermal cameras that were used, the dates and times of the actual filming and the Finding Bigfoot recreation.
    Being a FLIR certified thermographer and having used thermal cameras in my search since 1999 provided me the information to call the Stacy Brown footage a hoax.
  4. it’s a fake was debunked back in 2006
  5. If you follow the cadence of the shoulder movement as it moves through the brush it appears to in perfect sync with the thigh placement. Also note the angle of the lower leg. It is consistent with the PG and other footage.

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