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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Orang Pendek (Human Pygmy Version) Sighted

Rangers sight pygmies in Way Kambas National Park

Orang Pendek, Humanoid type


  1. "they immediately hid behind trees and vanished" This means that they are paranormal.

  2. By no means: the usual interpretation of that wording would ordinarily be that they went undercover and were lost to sight. These are the same Orang Pendeks that Bernard Heuvelmans spoke of, at the minimum size he mentioned

    1. Wouldnt they be a little different especailly condsidering the orang pendek is reported to be covered in hair, and the pygmy people are not.

    2. The Pygmies are also ordinarily described as hairy or partially hairy (In Sanderson's wording)

    3. We have similar beings here in the still largely unexplored forests of eastern Australia. Some of these forested areas are still very remote and few people ever explore them. I've undertaken fauna surveys in them on a number of occasions and have seen short hominids twice - two different types in areas separated by hundreds of kilometres. They seem to be nocturnal and remain exclusively in forests, rarely venturing from the cover of canopy. The surviving local Aboriginal people know quite a bit about them - more than they're prepared to share - but on one occasion I was with an elder when we watched a number of short hominids catch fish by hand in some rapids under a full moon. They seemed unafraid of us, perhaps because of the presence of the elder gent. Some are reputedly far less friendly.


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