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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Blog Update

The blog's format has been changed and the entire blog widened. This should take care of the problem of the largest photos breaking over into the righthand sidebar. The change has been instituted in all of my blogs.

There is another contribution to the Indiana Thunderbirds blog entry, an anonymous witness has given another recent sighting made in the state, two witnesses in a park together at night in association with other witnesses (names not indicated).It is the most recent comment at the end of the original posting:

Best Wishes, Dale D.

1 comment:

  1. BTW, some poor confused person added the comment "This is the first one ofyour blogs that I have understood" on Thanksgiving night. Figuring the person was probably drunk or something, I mercifully deleted their posting until theyy could rethink whatever it was that they had intended to say. When they can post again and say what they mean in straightforeward fashion, I shall allow the message through (That is unless it actually is insulting and disruptive)

    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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