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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Break in Copyright Case

The party which originally put in the copyright material complaint against me is now negotiating for a settlement. My countersuit brought against him rests on the fact that there is a disparity between what he told me at the onset and what he told the copyright authorities in order to have me remove certain materials reprinted from his website. The disputation is actually concerning statements made about the actual ownership of those materials. And I have the original complaint so there can be no doubt about what was said at that time: I can easily adduce his letter as proof.

At this time the other party has not seen the wording of the actual countersuit yet and I am giving them every chance to explain why there should be two different statements made to the two different parties in this case, myself and the copyright office. As far as I can see at least one of the statements would be false and made in a deliberate attempt to defraud. However, the case has not gone so far as being a court case yet and we may yet agree to a settlement out of court.

Best Wishes, Dale D.

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