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Thursday, 1 March 2012

"Frogfoot" in the Midwest
[This was a matter that was going on over a large portion of the Midwest generally at the time and over the next couple of decades, only the national press was not aware of the fact and witnesses in the different states were not aware there were other witnesses in other states that were reporting the same thing. I was one of the ones personally involved in investigations at the time. At the time I remember distinctly that Reptoids were not spoken of in the UFO or Fortean communities and I was about the only one I knew of that even talked about such things as Reptoids in the mid-1970s.-DD]

The Lizard Man

Stephensport, Breckenridge County
In the early fall of 1966, Joe, a 9 year old boy at the time, woke up to a loud thrashing noise outside of his bedroom window at approximately 1:00am. He went to his window to peak outside, but there was nothing in view. Naturally, Joe went to his living room to investigate the sound that continued to bang against his house. When he came to the living room, he pulled back the curtains of the front door window – to his surprise, he was staring at a 5’6” to 6’ tall man of amphibious characteristics, with dark brown scales covering its entire body. The creature had webbed feet and hands, and little dark eyes. Joe recollects that the brief moment he seen the creature’s face, it appeared to have “hard,” huge rows of gills that flared out on both sides of its face, resembling that of a lizard. Joe doesn’t remember the creature having a nose, lips, muscles, or genitals, but there was a ridge-like feature starting from its forehead and running back over the top of its head.
After the brief moment Joe peered at the creature through the window, it quickly ran for the creek next to Joe’s house. Joe, yet shocked, ran to an adjacent window to catch a glimpse of it as it ran away on two legs towards a creek about 75 yards from his house.
Charlie Raymond (Investigator) and Barton Nunnelly (Sketch artist) provided a follow-up investigation of Joe’s sighting of the Lizard Man in 2006 (making Joe 49 years old at the time.) It was noted that Joe is also married, with two children in college. Joe continually stressed to Raymond and Nunnelly that the creature was “amphibious looking,” although it ran/stood on two feet. He stated that there would be no way someone would have dressed up in a costume like that considering to this day he couldn’t imagine someone owning such a life-like costume, especially 40 years ago in Breckenridge County.
Later sightings of the Lizard Man in Kentucky grew during the 70s (but have died out since) in Louisville – which makes sense, considering Louisville and Breckenridge County are close in region...
Unfortunately, these stories are the latest sightings of the Lizard Man in Kentucky. There haven’t been (to my knowledge) any sightings during the 21st century. [That could be because reports generally have a latency period before they are "Discovered" and circulated-DD]
Sources: Kentucky Bigfoot

The River Demon:

The Shawnee Indians inhabited the area surrounding what is now known as the Little Miami River. There tribe had a legend about The Shawnahooc which, roughly translated means The River Demon. As the legend goes a small group of Shawnee Indians on a hunt stumbled upon a fairly large reptilian on the banks of the river. The Indians attempted move in closer. However, upon doing so, the creature took notice of them, stood up on its hind legs, and retreated back into the river. The Shawnee people became extremely frightened upon hearing this. Believing that this creature was a demon they sent their greatest warriors to vanquish the demon or drive it from the river. The Shawnee Indians never again caught site of the creature and, according to their myths, it is believed that after seeing the warriors approach it fled.


The Cree Indians of Eastern Canada told myths about creatures referred to as Mamnegishi. In their myths they describe the Mamnegishi as small bipedal creatures having: six fingers on each hand, a disproportionately large head, no nose, elongated limbs, no hair, and large eyes. The Cree Indians described the Mamnegishi as Mischievous creatures that took great pleasure in playing tricks on humans. The Cree Indians tell that the Mamnegishi would paint Pictographs on the Rock’s near the Rapids where they were said to have lived.

The Inzignanin:

The Indians of South Carolina that inhabited the Chicora- an area told legends of The Inzignanin, fish like humanoids that were five feet in height, covered in scales, and had fairly inflexible tails approximately 18 inches long. These Fish-men were believed to consume only raw fish and are said to have died out when the areas fish population depleted.
Wayne, New Jersey:

In November of the year 1974 a motorist on his way to White Meadow Lake in Wayne New Jersey reported seeing a large green humanoid with large"frog-like" eyes and a wide lipless mouth cross the road in front of his vehicle.

(Reptilian's) ET Alien's Are Real And True. Video
The "Frogfoot" creature as reported in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio in the 1970s especially. The creatures were not usually seen, but they commonly left big tracks like a frogman's flippers in the beds of creeks and rivers, and on sandbars, typically emerging from and going back into the water. I investigated such a trackway together with my two younger brothers in the White River (Indiana) but my youngest brother was later known to pull "Bigfoot" hoaxes and so I considered the matter as most likely a hoax or at least highly suispicious.
This is a diiagram showing how the usual carnivorous dinosaurs walked up on their toes but some of them could walk flat-footed. The flat-footed version is very close to the reported Reptoid tracks worldwide.

Three-Toed "Swamp Monster" footprint. A great many "Three-toed" tracks were hoaxed by using an alligator's foot strapped under the soles of each of yor boots, but Alligators have an extra toe off to the side which shows up and gives it all away.

Three-toed "Reptoid" track intact in clayey matrix. Such tracks are generally between one foot and two feet long, and most of them are not really all that large when compared to Bigfoot tracks. The bulk of such tracks in the USA are CALLED Bigfoot, however.

A series of scaly three-toed footprint casts from Alabama

Tag: reptile man

Ohio Creature Footprints

by on Jan.26, 2011, under What's Really Going On

9" to 10" footprints with three claws. Note the apparent blood droplets at top left. Click images to see full size.
“I am not used to seeing the kind of tracks in my back yard like the samples I’m attaching here. Any ideas? Looks BIG. Gulp.”
So read the email I received last week from my close friend S. with 4 photos attached (the one above was also a Coast to Coast AM Photo of the Day on 1/27/11). He lives in Franklin County, Ohio near Columbus, works in a highly visible profession and is too shy to post these images himself — but he’s also alarmed by the footprints he and his wife found in their back yard last week after the last big snowfall. Knowing of my keen interest in the ridiculous-yet-hard-to-explain, he sent them to me.
He’s been perusing BFRO’s site for sasquatch sightings in his area looking to make some kind of sense of this, but to no avail.
“The right track has blood on it — the right foot seems to indicate a foot injury,” his email continued. “We are kinda freaking out. We have spent hours combing through wild animal track books, trying to isolate and identify the tracks, hoping to come up with an explanation. WHOA. Freaking.
He says the tracks crossed through his yard and stopped at a large tree. Sadly there was no shivering juvenile squatch hiding in the tree when he looked up — but then where did it go? Did it fly away? Jersey devil? Mothman? My two cents — these aren’t sasquatch, Jersey devil or mothman prints; they’re clearly dogman prints. Perhaps it leapt from the tree onto another tree or onto his roof (he didn’t think to look there for more prints) and was gone. (UPDATE 1/27/11: I just searched and found this regarding Ohio’s “Loveland creature,” a reptilian spotted in 1955 and 1972, so I’m switching my opinion from dogman to lizardman.)
They’re real. It’s not a hoax. Your theory? He’s open to your explanations.

Apparent blood droplets, top left, spattered all along right foot path.

Below, a purported photograph of a "Lizard-Man" from Kansas and I beleve there is supposed to be a video associated with this sighting also.

Scale for a large Reptoid compared to a human male: Reptoids are supposed to have retractible genitalia and only one hinder opening (a Cloaca) the genitals come out of, where mating and birth occurs, and for excretion
REPTILIAN-ALIEN CASE FILES VIDEO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CASE FILE #1: From: "The Reptilians: Humanity's Historical Link to the Serpent Race" by Joe Lewels, Ph.D.: "John Carpenter has kept close track of the abduction phenomenon. He is the director of abduction research for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), one of the largest and most credible organizations dedicated to the scientific study of UFOs and abductions. Carpenter holds a master's degree in social work and is a highly qualified hypnotherapist who works as a psychiatric social worker in Springfield, Missouri. Since the late 1980s, he has worked with more than 100 abductees and compiled information on hundreds of others. In addition, he is in contact with other researchers in the field. He has been involved in 10 cases where experiencers have described reptilian entities and he is aware of researchers in other parts of the country with similar cases. Abductees often have distinct clawlike cuts and bruises on their bodies after their apparent abductions. "Carpenter summarized what he knows of these beings in his regular column, 'Abduction Notes,' MUFON UFO Journal, April 1993:'Typically, these reptilian creatures are reported to be about six to seven feet tall, upright, with lizardlike scales, greenish to brownish in color with clawlike, four-fingered webbed hands....Their faces are said to be a cross between a human and a snake, with a central ridge coming down from the top of the head to the snout. Adding to their serpentlike appearance are their eyes which have vertical slits in their pupils and golden irises." Perhaps the most frightening and most controversial part of these stories are claims that the creatures occasionally are reported to have sex with abductees.'"
CASE FILE #2: From: 'OUR HAUNTED PLANET', by John A. Keel (1968. Fawcett Publications., Greenwich, Conn.): "...The parahuman Serpent People of the past are still among us. They were probably worshipped by the builders of Stonehenge and the forgotten ridge-making cultures of South America. "...In some parts of the world the Serpent People successfully posed as gods and imitated the techniques of the superintelligence. This led to the formation of pagan religions centered around human sacrifices. The conflict, so far as man himself was concerned, became one of religions and races. Whole civilizations based upon the worship of these false gods rose and fell in Asia, Africa, and South America. The battleground had been chosen, and the mode of conflict had been decided upon. "The human race would supply the pawns. The mode of control was complicated as usual. Human beings were largely free of direct control. Each individual HAD TO CONSCIOUSLY COMMIT HIMSELF TO ONE OF THE OPPOSING FORCES... "The main battle was for what was to become known as the human soul. "Once an individual had committed himself, he opened a door so that an indefinable something could actually enter his body and exercise some control over his subconscious mind. "...the Serpent People or Omega Group, attacked man in various ways, trying to rid the planet of him. But the superintelligence was still able to look over man... God worked out new ways of communication and control, always in conflict with the Serpent People."
CASE FILE #3: From: 'CURIOUS ENCOUNTERS', by Loren Coleman (Faber & Faber., Boston, Mass. 1985) pp. 70-76: "One classic Bigfoot story, (discussed in some detail in MYSTERIOUS AMERICA) namely, the Wetzel/Riverside, California sighting on 8 November 1958, CLEARLY FITS THE REPTILIAN MODE better than the anthropoid one. Wetzel described, as you may recall, the fluorescent-eyed 'thing' as having a protuberant mouth and a body COVERED WITH SCALES, looking like leaves. Wetzel's 'thing' emerged from the Santa Ana River underbrush. "The connection to water is a strong theme in all of these accounts so it is not so surprising that the next puzzle comes from the lake monster file. Trekking up the West Coast, the following report concerns a monster that actually looks like it stepped out of the wardrobe room of the Black Lagoon movie. ...[snip]... "The Thetis monster account sounds similar to one from Saginaw, Michigan, occurring in 1937. A man-like monster climbed up a river bank, leaned against a tree, and then returned to the river. The fisherman who witnessed this appearance suffered a nervous breakdown. This Saginaw tale, the reports of clawed and three-toed prints from Wisconsin to Missouri, and other supposedly 'Bigfoot' or 'manimal' encounters perhaps should be reexamined in light of the REPTILIAN creatures from the Black Lagoon. "The big Deltox Swamp, Wisconsin flap, investigated by Ivan T. Sanderson in 1979, for example, has always been shelved with Bigfoot reports. But what is to be made of the tracks of the creature, like footprints of 'a good-sized man with swim fins.' "This trait is a more frequent characteristic in the so- called eastern Bigfoot reports than you might realize. For example, there's the case of the creature of Charles Mill Lake in Mansfield, Ohio. A green-eyed, seven-foot-tall, seemingly armless humanoid, seen late in March 1959 by Michael Lane, Wayne Armstrong, and Dennis Patterson, came out of the lake and left behind 'tracks that resembled the footgear worn by skin divers.' The thing was seen again in 1963 and described as 'luminous and green-eyed.' I examined the site of these encounters and can testify to the Charles Mill Lake's swampy affinities--certainly a good home for a Black Lagoon beast... "In 1973, during the summer, residents of New Jersey's Newton-Lafayette area described A GIANT, MAN-LIKE ALLIGATOR they had seen locally. Newspaper reporters wrote about an old Indian tale from the region that told of a giant, man-sized fish that could never be caught. In 1977, New York State Conservation Naturalist Alfred Hulstruck reported that the state's Southern Tier had 'a scaled, man-like creature (that) appears at dusk from the red, algae-ridden waters to forage among the fern and moss- covered uplands.' "The New York-New Jersey record, however, cannot compare with the overwhelming series of narratives issuing from one place in the United States, the Ohio River Valley. "Over twenty years ago, by digging into the back issues of the Louisville, Kentucky, COURIER-JOURNAL, I discovered one of those gems that has kept me pondering its meaning for two decades. The interesting little item was in the 24 October 1878 issue. A 'WIld Man of the Woods' was captured, supposedly, in Tennessee, and then placed on exhibit in Louisville. The creature was described as being six feet, five inches tall, and having eyes twice the normal size. His body was 'COVERED WITH SCALES.' This article now makes some sense. "And then almost a hundred years later, again near Louisville, there are more stories of REPTILIAN ENTITIES. In October 1975, near Milton, Kentucky, Clarence Cable reported a 'giant lizard' was roaming the forests near his junkyard. Author Peter Guttilla described the creature Cable surprised as 'about fifteen feet long, had a foot-long forked tongue, and big eyes that bulged something like a frog's. It was dull-white with black-and-white stripes across its body with quarter-size speckles over it.' "On-site field investigations by Mark A. Hall, however, indicated this 'giant lizard' RAN BIPEDALLY[in an obviously hoaxed example discussed earlier on this blog-DD], according to OTHER Trimble County, Kentucky witnesses. The Ohio River is Louisville's, Milton's, and Trimble county's northern boundary. "On 21 August 1955, near Evansville, Indiana, Mrs. Darwin Johnson was almost pulled forever into the depths of the Ohio River. In what seems to be a very close meeting with one of those creatures, Mrs. Johnson, of Godtown, Indiana, was swimming with her friend Mrs. Chris Lamble about fifteen feet from the shore when SUDDENLY SOMETHING GRABBED HER FROM UNDER THE SURFACE. It felt like the 'hand' had huge claws and 'furry' (or scaly?) palms. It came up from behind, grabbed her left leg, grabbed her knee, and pulled her under. She kicked and fought herself free. It pulled her under again. Although both women could not see the thing, they were screaming and yelling to scare it away. Finally, Mrs. Johnson lunged for Mrs. Lamble's inner tube, and the loud 'thump' apparently scared 'it' away, and 'it' released its grip. Back on shore, Mrs. Johnson received treatment for her scratches and marks on her leg. "Fortean investigator Terry Colvin passed on the information that Mrs. Johnson had a palm-print-shaped green stain below her knee that could not be removed, and it remained for several days. (Interestingly, Colvin learned the Johnsons were visited by an individual who identified himself as an Air Force colonel who took voluminous notes and warned them not to talk further about the incident. Of course, this sounds so similar to the 'Man-In- Black' encounter that is goes almost without saying.) "For anyone who has seen CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, the Ohio River encounter of Mrs. Darwin Johnson is already familiar, for her attack was foreshadowed in that movie... "1972... In March of that year on two separate occasions, two Ohio policemen saw what has become known as the 'Loveland Frogman.' Investigated by Ron Schaffner and Richard Mackey, these researchers interviewed the officers involved but have not published their names, instead using the fictitious names 'Williams' and 'Johnson.' "The first incident took place at 1:00 A.M. on 3 March 1972, on a clear, cold night. Officer Williams was on route to Loveland, via Riverside Road, when he thought he saw a dog beside the road. But when the 'thing' stood up, its eyes illuminated by the car lights, looked at him for an instant, turned, and leapt over the guardrail. Williams saw it go down an embankment into the Little Miami River, a mere fifteen or so miles from the Ohio River. He described the thing as weighing about sixty pounds, about three to four feet tall, having a textured leathery skin, AND A FACE LIKE A FROG OR LIZARD. Williams went on to the police station and returned with Officer Johnson to look for evidence of the creature. They turned up scrape-marks leading down the side of the small hill near the river. "On approximately 17 March 1972, Officer Johnson was driving outside of Loveland when he had a similar experience. Seeing an animal lying in the middle of the road, he stopped to remove what he thought was a dead critter. Instead, when the officer opened his squeaky car door, the animal got up into a crouched position like a football player. The creature hobbled to the guardrail and lifted its leg over, while constantly looking at Johnson. Perhaps it was the funny smirk on its face, but Johnson decided to shoot at it. He missed, he figured, since the thing didn't slow down. Johnson later told how he felt it was more upright than the way Williams described it. One area farmer told investigators he saw a large, FROG-LIKE OR LIZARD-LIKE CREATURE during the same month of the officers' sightings..."
CASE FILE #4: From: 'WORLD OF THE INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE', by Charles Berlitz (Fawcett Crest Books., N.Y.): "There have been numerous Bigfoot sightings in the United States and around the world. The humanlike creatures are usually said to be large and hairy with glowing eyes. During the summer of 1988, however, residents of Bishopville, South Carolina, reported accounts of a rare breed of Bigfoot: A SEVEN-FOOT-TALL LIZARD MAN WITH GREEN SCALY SKIN. According to witnesses, unlike other Bigfoot creatures Lizard Man has only three toes on each foot, as well as long apelike arms that end in three fingers tipped with FOUR-INCH CLAWS. Only the second Bigfoot to have only three fingers on each hand, and the first (discovered by Berlitz - Branton) to also have three toes on each foot. Lizard Man is the most unusual Bigfoot ever reported. "Seventeen-year-old Chris Davis first encountered Lizard Man around 2:00 A.S. on June 29. On his way home, the teen stopped near the brackish waters of Scape Ore Swamp outside Bishopville to change a flat tire. While replacing the jack in the car's trunk, he glimpsed something running across the field toward him. Jumping into his 1976 Toyota Celica, he was quickly engaged in a tug-of-war with the reptilian creature as he tried to pull the door closed. Then Lizard Man jumped onto the car's roof, where he left scratches in the paint as evidence of his attack. "Hysterical, Davis returned home and told only his parents and a few close friends about the experience. Law enforcement officers, however, interrogated him after neighbors said the boy might know something about the strange bite marks and scratches found on another car. "Davis wasn't alone in his report. Soon other reports were flooding the sheriff's office. Teenagers Rodney Nolfe and Shane Stokes, for example, were driving near the swamp with their girlfriends when Lizard Man darted across the road in front of their car. Construction worker George Holloman also claimed Lizard Man jumped at him as he was collecting water from an artesian well. "Investigating the area around the swamp, state trooper Mike Hodge and Lee County deputy sheriff Wayne Atkinson found three crumbled, forty-gallon cardboard drums. The tops of saplings were ripped off eight feet above the ground. And there were, according to Hodge, 'humongous footprints,' fourteen-by-seven- inch impressions in hard red clay. Following the tracks for four hundred yards, the officers backtracked and found new prints impressed in their car's tire tracks. According to state wildlife biologists, the footprints matched no known animal species." (This "Lizard Man" sighting was covered in one of the episodes of Tim White's "SIGHTINGS" documentary, "MONSTERS" segment, on the Fox Network - Branton).


  1. Interesting article. It's unfortunate that we don't have good follow up and witness-approved drawings in all cases. I suspect that media hype has turned some reptoid reports into Bigfoot reports and vice versa, making it hard to know what was really seen. It seems the reptilian humanoids belong to cryptozoology, ufology, paranormal claims of interdimensional beings, conspiracy theories, and mythology in equal measure. Regardless, I do believe there is an underlying reality to the reports, and that the majority of the witnesses are sincere.

  2. Interestingly, I recently came across some photos of footprint casts that had been in Ivan Sanderson's collection: one of them was a "Frogfoot" flipper sort of a print and it was probably from the 1950s. There was no more information about it, but I would surely like to know more.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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