That first one is the Jennifer Bruce photo from 1982. I recognize it easily. Adrian Shine has tried to dismiss it as a flying seagull shot at an unusual angle but I don't buy that. It looks a hell of a lot like the surgeon's photo. No one has ever suggested it was a deliberate hoax.The other two, I don't recognize. I would suggest showing them to Gina. She might recognize them.
I shall add more details as I receive them. I should mention that I don't read the white outline in the bottom photo as correctly depicting the smaller object in the corresponding larger photo, the flipper and tail portions look like different lengths to me. Still its close enough not to complain about it yet.    Best Wishes, Dale D.

Addendum: July 26

Scott Mardis sends the information: 3:30pm
Gina says one of those Nessie photos is a George Edwards picture, at least shot form his boat.
1998, the one that shows Urquart castle in the background
Dale Drinnon replied: 3:32pm
Right, I should put that down on the blog. Its big (high up out of the water) but doesn't show much length at the surface 
Scoott Mardis replied:
just a hump, if I remember. that last picture under the water like a crocodile, neither of us recognized.
Dale Drinnon replied 3:33pm
Right, that one is important, if for no other reason than the fact that a group of fliers at Loch Ness had made a similar report comparing it to a crocodile
Scott Mardis replied: 3:34 pm
Yes. I've got to run. Take care.