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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Another Possible FW Monkey in Arkansas?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is this "Thing" in the Photo

The picture below was taken in Arkansas on a nice warm day. It just looks like a normal picture but if you will notice there is something in the background. Lupe Mendoza,The person who took this picture, did not see the figure while taking the picture. Once someone pointed it out Lupe showed the picture to us here at TCC.
Original photo by Lupe Mendoza

Now, we will zoom in on the object of interest...the figure becomes much more visible.
At this point you can see what appears to be an upright walking figure,but it looks kind of odd.
Now we will zoom right in on the figure and try to find out what it might be.
close up of figure

So after zooming it ..we can still not determine what this thing I have tried to enhance the photo and below is the results.

is that eyes?

So after zooming and trying to enhance this photo, we can see what could be eyes but we can still not say what it really is or isn't. It don't really seem to fit the appears of a bigfoot.

I have has shown this picture to a few people in private to see what they might think it could be and I have got replies ranging from Alien to werewolf.
So now Lupe has decided to release the photo for all to see and maybe someone can tell us what this figure is.

TCC thanks Lupe for showing us the photo and now releasing it to the public.
If you have an idea of what this could be, then please let us know.

[Copyright The Crypto Crew]
[Photo by Lupe Mendoza]
[Enhancements by TCC]
--Under those circumstances, that would NOT be an owl. Owls do not hover around swimming pools in broad daylight waiting for a chance to dip in (it looks like). Best Wishes, Dale D.

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  1. Howdy. I don't see where in the original a creature might be. So I don't know why someone would have started to analyze it in the first place.

    In the 'zoomed' photo, just right of dead center, there appears to be a square (slightly tilted) that contrasts with the background. Is that anything?

  2. The "Creature" is supposed to be in the background in the bushes and it is very hard to make out. I did not make the zoomed images or do the cropping but presumably both were being done for the benefit of the viewer by weeding out the distactions. You are welcome to pursue the matter further at the originating website.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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