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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Administrative Notice

Yesterday I posted two news stories from Facebook and this morning  I found two notices that I had posted fake stories created by jokesters

I have been having a hard time lately because my computer's power keeps getting cut off and also because this Blogger is giving me technical difficulties. But that is not really any excuse for publishing questionable material and I consider both stories to have been poor choices to run here. Both stories have been yanked.

Please bear with me, the blogs are still not yet back up to regular production yet

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Australian Ape Project: Hand and Knuckle Report

Disclaimer: This is the official Australian Ape page. We do not comment on the research of others without collaboration, this is purely an official vehicle for us to publish our work that we undertake Our work costs money, so please, bear with the ads on the blog pages. If at anytime you would like more information on our work or would like to assist via donation of money, equipment or expertise please contact us at

--Which I think is good clear evidence that a large ground-dwelling great ape can be found wandering on the loose in Australia. It is omnivorous, frequently quadrupedal, and its closest affinities are with the known orangutans.-- DD

Friday, 17 January 2014

Two Champ Videos

Sent in by Scott Mardis, who added "Chuck Pogan's still from Lake Champlain Fishing video 2008. Champ?"

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Champ Reconstructions Followup

The  owner of the Lake Monsters Facebook page went ahead and made up this lovely piece of artwork depicting a typical Lake monster (saying it could be Loch Ness or Lake Champlain, or anywhere where the Longnecked creatures venture inland) and using my composite published on this page recently. While this was unauthorised use of my image I was very glad to see it and I thanked him for making it up.

Scott Mardis had told me that some theorists at Lake Champlain think the creature could be a large turtle: Both Scott Mardis an I feel that an actual plesiosaur would be more likely than a giant turtle that looks so much like a plesiosaur otherwise.

Recently I mentioned Tim Dinsdale's reconstruction for the Loch Ness Monsteras coming out statistically close to mine, and so here is a news photo of a young Tim Dinsdale showing off his composite model, and below, the Australian version, which is nearly identical once again(allowing for 2 or 3 humps equally)

Scott Mardis sent some materials about the Australian Aboriginal Yarru, which he thought seemed to have small rounded rocks inside like the Plesiosaur's gatroliths

Driver, Rebecca. 1999. Australia’s Aborigines ... did they see dinosaurs? Creation Ex Nihilo 21(1):24–27.

Dennis Fields, a former missionary to Far North Queensland’s Kuku Yalanji tribespeople, told the CMIministry in Australia some years ago of a story the elders of the tribe told him, of a creature called Yarru (or Yarrba). The tribe inhabits the rainforest regions, where there are a number of waterholes in which, in earlier days, Yarru was said to live. There is a story of how the Yarru devoured a young maiden. The missionary asked one of the tribe’s artists to paint the story for him. The tribal artist, with very little formal education, had no knowledge of what so-called prehistoric animals looked like, and was drawing only from the descriptions handed down in the ancient stories. The painting (later donated to Creation International Ministries, and shown at the right [below]) shows a creature with a remarkable resemblance to the extinct Plesiosaurus.
Yarru or Yarrba (Plesiosaur) Painting

 European sightings of water monsters also often match this description.[11] Most evolutionists, however, find this unacceptable, since they insist such creatures vanished with the dinosaurs over 65 million years ago. For centuries, the Dharuk people have spoken of the mighty ‘Mirreeulla,’ whose home is the Hawkesbury River near Sydney. Sightings of plesiosaur-like creatures in this river have continued to modern times, with some estimating the creature at up to 15 metres (50 feet) long.

[11. Nessie’s kin? Creation 18(4):18, September 1996]

Scott also showed this diagram of an Elasmosaur to show where the gastroliths were located
And below a "Cadborosaurus" report with a 3-humped Plesiosaur-shaped creature giving some indication about the "Mane" (which is a point of contention in such reports). 
 This is actually another "Sea Giraffe" with a fairly short mane, described as being like a "fin" (fleshy material) and with a length of a few inches  (3-6 inches irregularly, it looks like from the witness' drawings)

The Face of Champ

Scott Mardis sent me some pasteups which intend to show the head structiure of "Champ" , the Lake Champlain monster
 The head of the creature in the Mansi photograph as compared to a monitor lizard

 The head of the model is based on an old reconstruction for "Broontosaurus" and does not resemble the head in the Mansi photograph closely

Below is a review of Sea Serpent and Plesiosaur "Muppet faces" and at bottom, an Illustration for the top of Champ's head surfacing.

Scott Mardis also tells me there id fairly good evidence from reports that alligator gar and Atlantic sturgeon are both seen at Lake Champlain, the former as recently as 2000. He adds there is a possibility for conger eels to go inland in this area (in which case they could account for some sightings at Lake Memphremagog) and I have good evidence myself that some "water lizard" reports at Lake Champlain could be giant salamanders (Giant hellbenders) And I am wondering if perhaps the sounds of echolocation recorded underwater might even be produced by ordinary grey seals: some seals in Antarctica are known to use echolocation while fishing.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Bigfoot Buzz: Could be the Best Bigfoot Film All Time “New Analysis”

Could be the Best Bigfoot Film All Time “New Analysis”

CP Notes > When I first started this Blog in the summer of 2012 I did a post on this film shot by a film maker out of California that spent a lot of time filming in the Sequoia National Park. I’m sure most of you in the bigfoot community have seen this film at one time or another and just passed it off as a stunt. I thought it was way to good in many bigfoot respects to be made by a newbie filmmaker. Now someone has finally analyzed every frame of this film so everyone can witness it’s amazing visual connections to the hairy beast we know as bigfoot.
In the analyzed version by Thinkerthunker I will give you some time marks to look at closely because the original film by Shawn Bannon is shown as it was shot and not zoomed in on to show you these bigfoot closeups.
Time Marks to checkout on Thinkerthunker version  3:15-5:50  Next one is at 7:10 to 7:25  Next Mark is 11:20 to 11:30 Look at the size of the hands and at the 11:27 Look between his legs tell me if this isn’t the creatures penis flopping about. You won’t see it that well in original because you need to zoom in. This close up examination of this film I think makes it as legit to me as the P/G film 19767. What do you think ?
ThinkerThunker Analysis
Shawn Bannon Original Film

Posted by  at 10:57 AM

 8 Responses to “Could be the Best Bigfoot Film All Time “New Analysis””

  1. Hey Chuck, thanks for the coverage. I appreciate it.
    I put a link back to you here to say thanks.
  2. Was there any tracks or impressions to coincide with the video?
  3. I agree with Robert, track down the owner of the film and ask him. The film looks good to me.
    By the way, I studied the Stacy Brown thermal footage and I believe the footage is a hoax. I sent my reasons to Cliff Barackman after he forwarded me information regarding the thermal cameras that were used, the dates and times of the actual filming and the Finding Bigfoot recreation.
    Being a FLIR certified thermographer and having used thermal cameras in my search since 1999 provided me the information to call the Stacy Brown footage a hoax.
  4. it’s a fake was debunked back in 2006
  5. If you follow the cadence of the shoulder movement as it moves through the brush it appears to in perfect sync with the thigh placement. Also note the angle of the lower leg. It is consistent with the PG and other footage.

Friday, 10 January 2014

"Giant Squid in California" Photo

This image was published in the "Science" section where I retrieved it and under this headline:

Second Giant Sea Creature Washes Ashore Along Santa Monica Coastline - Alarms Sound Over Radioactive Gigantism

Giant Squid Discovered On California Coast And Scientists Suspect Radioactive Gigantism

Published January 10, 2014

The photograph is a hoax, it has taken a much smaller squid and blown it up too enormous size by using photoshop.

Who decides what is real? Entire report

Who decides what is real? Entire report


                                      By  Mark A. Zaskey 

All of the conclusions contained in this report came from considerable investigative efforts. These efforts, consisting of my own research and encounters in the field, eyewitness interviews and testimony, conversations with park officials in the state of Florida and a six month investigation into the Subversion tactics of the "The National Academy of Sciences" and  notable associated Peer Review Journals that did in fact subvert a long awaited, highly publicized D.N.A. study.
[Note: the DNA study in question was in fact obviously flawed, despite whatever its supporters might want to believe. But that is actually irrelevant to the discussion in this case] These are the people that have gained absolute power over what is validated as reality for us all. 
  This report is dedicated to those few who will not accept that what they saw was a bear, or figment of their imagination, and to those who wish to know just why the hell this incredible species has not been realized by science.
    Mainstream science has had a long standing and public stance, on the subject of Bigfoot, and at times I myself have been influenced by those and other opinions.

They insist Bigfoot or Sasquatch is nothing more than legend, myth, or folklore.

In-spite of the countless eyewitness sightings of the species both here in the U.S. and the world over, our scientific "Authorities" have repeatedly denied even the possibility that the Sasquatch exists, but we'll get to that later.

 Here in the U.S. to the average American, this subject probably does not enter into their daily equation. Or if it does it's usually laughable, a stigma that is not accidental.

It's a fact, that here in the U.S. most of our population live in large cities and are busied about their daily, already stressful lives. They just don't think about such things. They don't have the time. The only time the subject enters into their minds is when they see the odd news clip about a sighting or a show on the subject is aired. The typical Documentary or one hour show, news story, or short clip covering these incidents are literally the seeds of what the uninformed majority population thinks about the subject.   Americans have many, many other more important and pressing things to focus on, that is...until they themselves venture outdoors far from their comfort zones into the wilderness and have an encounter with what could not possibly exist.

Then, and only then, the eyewitness is confronted and traumatized with the reality of what they saw and soon after, the stark realization that they are indeed on there own in dealing with the experience. 

It's not real, remember? The the eyewitness is now in a very unusual position.

Keep this in mind..."Science as we know it says that what just in fact happened to them, is not possible." 

It's at that point for the eyewitness, the struggle with what they saw, begins.

                          "Dealing with the encounter"

 Having interviewed many witnesses both in the field and live on my radio show, I have broken down what I have learned about how an eyewitness deals with an encounter with a Sasquatch or Bigfoot. 
For some, the encounter is too much, psychologically they can not handle what happened, they bury it deep down inside, telling no one about the experience, eventually slipping into denial that it ever even happened to them at all.  The encounter is all but forgotten, until an opportunity presents itself to safely offer the account to someone that understands and makes them feel comfortable. This resistance to recount the experience is evidence of real, psychological trauma and conflict. They obviously saw something.

Other eyewitnesses, in attempts to deal with the impossibility of the experience, look into the subject, to try to rationalize or make sense of  what happened. They may even report the encounter to interested parties. Eventually, the encounter fades and they move on. 
 A Sasquatch sighting or encounter can be so traumatizing that some eyewitnesses come to believe Somehow...they hallucinated the entire experience.  
"It had to be a bear." This seems to be a good enough explanation for these few. However...there are some eyewitnesses for whom this is just not good enough. They know what they saw and will not let it go so easily. These are the thinkers. They become obsessed with what happened. It bothers them day and night consuming their consciousness, and there begins a pursuit for answers. 

If the eyewitness cannot accept the flimsy explanations that are constantly being provided... they will more likely come to ask themselves some very disturbing questions that as of yet have no acceptable answers. 
Some may ask...."How is it, I've seen this thing right there in front of me...and I know what I saw was a 100% real, flesh and blood being... I know what I saw was not a bear, or a man in a suit, it was a living, breathing Sasquatch, And science says it doesn't exist?  Fact: If we can see this thing, and find it's gigantic tracks, then it is logical that it is real. So, why does the average biologist still say it doesn't exist?" We'll get to that later. 
Fact: All credible Bigfoot/Sasquatch eyewitnesses are being denied the right to the validation of what they did in fact really see and experience by the mainstream established science.
 "You should remember that here in the United States of America our eyewitness testimony carries weight, absolutely... or at least until we shock or contradict an enforced belief system." 
 An example of the validation of an eyewitness's observation and testimony:
 You pull in to the corner store to get milk on your way home from work. while at the counter paying, a man with a gun rushes in and robs the store register, you get a very good look at his face, he then and runs out. You have just  witnessed a robbery.
 The  store owner calls the police, they come and take your statement and description of the suspect. In the days following the crime, the police arrest a man solely on your description of him and of what you saw.  You identify the robber in a police line up and and testify to what you saw in open court, subsequently he is convicted of the crime. Most times this is how eyewitness testimony is used.
 You may be thinking, "Yeah, but this guy is saying he saw the robbers face, not Bigfoot." 
Why does Bigfoot eyewitness testimony not matter? The same people see fine everyday, everywhere else they go. They don't drive around blindly, crashing into things with their cars right? So...Why do the Authorities brush off what was seen as Crazy or impossible. Why?"
 I submit that the problem does not lie with the eyewitness who really sees a Sasquatch or Bigfoot. But that the real issue is with the "stigma" that has been nurtured by our accepted scientific authorities and the way these encounters are presented to the public by the mainstream media. 

These incredible reports are always presented in a way that precludes the possibility of it being real or credible by using psychological primer words like "Claim" and "Supposedly"  or "Purported"  to describe the encounter.  Re-enforcing a common public belief. "This cant be real."
 The problem, at this point in the issue, with all the physical evidence that is so readily viewable, and undeniable can only lie with these "Authorities" and the machine that presents the information to the public. We as researchers are caught in a cycle that is repeating itself over and over because these questions are ingrained in everyone's minds.

Does Sasquatch exist? Is it real? Could it be Real? Those are the same old questions that are constantly being re-enforced in order to keep the majority population's opinions on the subject. We need to start asking some real questions like: 
Who should be looking into this matter and Why aren't they?  

You may need and example of a credible sighting is one... of many just like it. 
Example of credible eyewitness testimony:
 A few years ago in the swampy southernmost part of the state of Florida, 5 men, all scientists, filed a report with park officials stating that "A gigantic-five-six-hundred pound humanoid creature, approximately seven-eight feet in height, with shaggy grey and black hair, violently attacked and trashed their encampment and the surrounding dry hammock in the middle of the night. 
 All five of the educated men got a good look at what is "not supposed to exist," and all of them stated they were sure of what they saw. The report was indeed taken by the rangers, all five witnesses agree on that fact, yet subsequent requests with the park to produce these reports, were invariably met in the same way, I was told: "We don't keep files or reports on that type of thing it's not of significant importance."  Wait a second.... let's review a few things here. "A violent attack involving five eyewitnesses, the destruction of an entire campsite in a national park by a very clearly described assailant, all of the eyewitnesses PhD's of Archaeology or Anthropology, educated men, that clearly have no reason to contradict their own scientific beliefs making a  mockery of themselves... "Not of significant importance?"
 Yet a nuisance raccoon will draw immediate attention and action? 
This is a very common theme when one takes to investigating these reports with "Park Officials."
Why would the authorities want to hide this discovery from the public?

Literally...The existence of this species means we are not the only human-type being here on this planet. And with that designation, comes Human Rights... Period. Some of you may be thinking right now...Human Rights?

I ask you this question: How does one conclude they are NOT a type of Human? 

I submit to you that all of the evidence thus far... points to the species being a type of human. [See note added following the report-DD]

         "Five Reasons that Sasquatch is a type of Human being."

First and foremost...Every single Native American tribe... here in the United States will clearly state that the Sasquatch or whatever that tribe calls them, are also a real tribe of "Wild People." Right?

Second...We have collected hundreds of giant, Human type tracks that clearly show a human-type foot with human toes. And although there are obvious differences to the trained eye, they appear to be made by a huge human-type being.   Right?

Third: There are thousands of eyewitness reports that describe them walking on two legs like a man, and many eyewitnesses recall very human looking male Genitalia or  female breasts. Right?


Fourth: There are samples of hair that have been found that cannot be identified as a known species and are not human, yet appear to be "From A wild Human." Those are not my words but the hair comparison analysts words exactly.

 Fifth: My own experience.
 One day while fishing on the outskirts of a 30,000 acre wildlife preserve, I had an encounter. I was alone that morning and trying to stay low key in the area when I found a large rock at the waters edge with apple snail and freshwater mussel shells smashed all over it. I looked around and found a smaller, second rock with the same snail and mussel shells all over it.  Glancing around the area I also found there in the shallow water, four-seventeen inch human foot shaped punch holes. Now I was paying attention....I noticed the shallow canal aquatic vegetation was ripped away and lying on the bank. I glanced up the steep bank to see the track leading up to the top. I climbed the bank quickly and there in front of me, the six foot perimeter fence of the preserve was flattened to the ground, barbed wire and all. I walked over to the fence-line and stepped over it entering the preserve. Right then right there was a huge foot track in the deep grass. I noticed my 225 lbs left no mark at all. My heart started pounding in my chest. I recall considering not going any further into the preserve on my own. But I could not resist, I had to know. The canopy was thick over head and on all sides, except for the clearly visible recently smashed trail. I checked the smashed down brush to see if it was dead, it was not. I realized that there was a good chance all of these signs were really fresh. I considered stopping again, truthfully... I was starting to feel panicky. I kept going anyway, again... I had to know. 
 I went slowly and was as quiet as I could be. About Forty-yards in I came upon a muddy clearing. I stopped and stood a moment in silence. To this day, I do not know why I did this, but all of the sudden I let out three very deep roars in a row. I stood for a second and then about 30 feet away in the thick impenetrable jungle, something groaned and got up off the ground. everything went silent, the moment lasted forever. It was then that I had my first close up encounter with what I can only describe as a gigantic man that literally mimicked my aggressive calls exactly, only in a deep, chest penetrating sarcastic tone. My blood ran cold. I literally almost pissed myself. and then he ran off smashing the thick jungle aggressively.  Incidentally... I ran the other way, in a complete state of panic.  I fell several times on the way back out of the that preserve. And ran all the way back to my car.  I couldn't catch my breath and my hands were shaking. There was nothing but what happened and I was in shock, then denial, then finally I was amazed. It was then that I knew....They are just really, really big.... hairy people! I must have woke "HIM" up! It was around 9:45 A.M. and it was already 95 degrees out. He was napping, probably trying to stay cool. and digest the snails and mussels I found on the bank.
 I must have startled him, because he was definitely pissed when he yelled at me. I want to be clear right now...It did not sound like an animal that screamed at me, it sounded like a giant man.
 I am and will always be forever grateful for that terrifying experience.
                           They Have to Know it's in There
 Remember...If we can find evidence of Bigfoot... they can find evidence of Bigfoot ...and just because certain officials come forward on television from time to time stating that THEY have never found evidence of the species, doesn't mean the rest of the park staff hasn't. I was told in a phone conversation by a National Park director here in Florida after badgering him for over a month "We don't keep records of that type of thing, but we have people on this, we have a researcher." He declined to go on record, told me he would deny everything and would say nothing more. "An admission of that significance dumbfounded me."

Point to remember: It is the job of all park staff to look into any thing and everything that is reported. They are paid to to do this. Certainly multiple eyewitness accounts of hairy giants are of interest.
 In all "Posted or Manned" state or national parks or wildlife preserves, you are encouraged to report any significant wildlife sightings, be it a bear, deer, wild hogs, elk, wolves and so on. You report these sightings or encounters to the on duty park officials, the park rangers.  It is your duty as a human being to report any "Dangerous" animals that you see in close proximity to the public or publicly used park facilities. This is something that all of us can agree on. 
 Example:  I , upon leaving my camping area for a morning hike,  almost immediately see a 300 lb black bear in an area that I saw children playing the day before.  Do I report this to the park officials, or do I keep my mouth shut?  Certainly, I report the sighting with urgency to help prevent a tragedy. The park rangers respond to the report immediately and as they approach the scene, they find the bear within 25 yards of the same 3 children, stalking them. The bear is quickly tranquilized and re-located. Tragedy averted.  
Now, using this same logic:  In the same park the next day... A man, woman and three of their teenage children show up at the ranger station, visibly shaken and report the sighting of a 9 foot, huge, heavily muscled, hair covered, human with Neanderthal facial features. The entire family is sure of what they saw, the creature stepped out of the treeline onto the trail 20 yards away from the group, it eyed the entire family one at a time, shouted at them, then turned and walked off back into the treeline.
 The husband even draws a very nice likeness of exactly what they all saw and all the witnesses confirm that the drawing is accurate. The wife then states: 
"It was a Male Sasquatch, his genitalia was clearly visible and he smelled horrible like he had never showered a single day in his life."  The rangers calmly look at each other take the report and description of the creature and are sure to confirm the location of the incident. The family leaves the park and goes home that day, despite the three day's left on their camping permit. And that's the end of the entire issue, or is it?  "I believe it is just the beginning." 
This, and thousands of other reports like this one, including violent encounters between park patrons and this species that is not supposed to exist, have simply vanished from the records of All of our State Parks and Wildlife Preserves across the country.   I have, in my own field research, had encounters and found evidence of the species in close proximity to a ranger station, reported the encounter and evidence to the ranger station, spoke with the park biologist, and had this person ask my partner and I only one question: "Where did you see it?"  This park biologist never asked us to describe what we saw, she was fully aware of it's presence in the park and unappreciative of my curiosity in the matter of her involvement in researching the subject. She refused to answer any of my questions and promptly began to bark back at me about who I was, why I was in the park, where I lived, my address, and phone number as if to say  "Don't push it pal!"
I then called the same park a week later and was told again by the parks Director of operations:
 "We don't keep files or reports on that type of thing, it's not of significant importance. 

Again...Why would officials NOT keep reports of a seven to nine foot humanoid and investigate them? Was it a homeless bum, terrorizing hikers and families trying to enjoy the park? Surely these reports are scrutinized. Many of the park rangers and employees live in and around the Parks and Preserves they work in. Every single State, National park and Wildlife preserve in the U.S  have on staff, at least one resident wildlife biologists, and rangers that either live in or some where close to the park and are accountable for recording and investigating ALL incidents involving park patrons and potentially dangerous situations...Isn't that what we pay them for? To manage our parks? To monitor whether or not our children will be eaten by a big cat or a bear while we pay to camp there?  
Remember: "If the average camper or hiker can encounter a Sasquatch in the areas of the park that are literally designated for the average person to be in, then logically it follows that someone who is literally an expert, and lives and works in the park, would have found some evidence of the species at some point, or even had encounters themselves." 
After a thorough 10 year investigation, interviewing park administrators and staff, I can only logically conclude that the U.S. Parks service, governed by the U.S. Department of the Interior, and several other interested Govt. agencies have not only looked into these encounters and continue to do so, but they have been doing so for a very long time, probably since the beginning, when the reports started coming in. And it follows that if the average person can see these incredible beings, while in the forest, both accidentally and in some cases intentionally, then the professionals that are tasked by the U.S. parks service to track, locate and study "Wildlife" in our forests have undoubtedly found the same evidence as everyone else and  indeed at some point in the last fifty years they found and verified the species existence. These are the only conclusions I can logically come to... knowing the species is absolutely real.
It is my opinion that it is logically impossible that our "Scientific and Govt. Authorities" at some level of existence or Departmentalization, have "not" looked into what has been seen so many times by so many credible people, and found the same thing we have...They are real and pose a real threat to the psychological and economical well being of the people of America and the agendas of those in control.

Which brings us to our next concern: How could the authorities keep control of the growing number of sightings and the mass popularity and interest in the subject of Sasquatch. 

                                      "The Cycle of subversion and mass distraction"

                         Semiotics and Programming Exploitation. 
                                You can't hide what is real.
"How could the authorities stay in control of the growing number of sightings and the mass popularity and interest in the subject of Sasquatch? By using powerful tools of information to Quell any uprising.
 "The ripples in the pond have always existed Semiotics in programming and user actions online uses those ripples to influence mass opinion or guide the public to a conclusion.....
 In the case for Bigfoot...Doubt is caused, in other arenas of programming ...whatever is needed to guide a public belief to a desired outcome.
 If I post something and title it "Myth" we know it is not real. There's an old saying in broadcasting..."The last word is what sticks in the public's minds."

Semiotics... makes the last word...last longer in your mind. It is the use of Key words and symbols in the very broad scope of programming that exists now-days. Anything can be used as a symbol and bent or twisted, then re-presented as programming to suit an agenda. This very real sensory manipulation can be visual or auditory but is it is literally physics in action. Cause and Effect.
 In sales we call this technique "Emotional response advertising." or "Effective Advertising." A perfect example of this is a typical commercial for home security systems. You see a woman and her daughter coming home... they could be yours, to find an armed burglar inside the house.  The burglar eyes the woman and child with devious intent, the woman screams and the screen goes black, the words "Home Security... Protect your family" are all you see. Then the company explains what they can do so this doesn't happen to you.  This is Semiotics and this campaign that takes advantage of Fear is used every day effectively to the tune of trillions of dollars. It is the use of the symbol of what you love most in life, being destroyed. buy a home security system OR in other more large scale fear based Semiotics allow your civil rights to be trampled in the name of national security...but that can of worms is for another report.

  Semiotics wasn't created, it has always existed. It began long ago when someone realized they could take advantage of others and guide a situation to a desired outcome. There are many examples of this science in action everywhere, every day.  When it got its name, I do not know, but it was named. 
People started graduating with degrees in semiotics in the 1980's. They went into careers in television, advertising and  of course...government. In politics and government these are the wonderful people that help us to choose a candidate. They design, plan and execute the political campaigns of both the winner of the election ...and the loser. A graduate of semiotics is trained to think that there is nothing, no matter how miniscule that cannot be used to make money or sway public opinion to or from a given focal point. "FIRE!" Walk into a busy crowded bar, walk into the center of a crowd and yell "Fire!" and watch what happens. Fire is a symbol of danger, death, being burnt and so on. Surely nothing good can come from fire right? is a part of nature and occurs all over the world naturally. There are even trees here in the U.S. that need fire to release seeds and spread, to grow a forest. What is the symbol for preventing forest fires? "Smokey the bear" Right?  That is a perfect example of the effective use of semiotics to implant a symbol in the public's mind on a large scale. Now...walk into that same busy bar into the middle of the crowd and yell out loudly...."Bigfoot!" These people will erupt into laughter. 
The fact is...Bigfoot is a very serious symbol of humor, doubt, lies, hoaxes, jokes, mystery, myth, folklore, and legend......But it didn't have to be that way. We are responsible for changing public opinion on the subject.  

                                  The machine at work
                             "Cyber social media and T.V."
Curiously, the largest television production companies and networks on the planet produce and air shows and documentaries on the subject of Bigfoot.

Well, very simply....Bigfoot is big business.   To the tune of many, many millions of dollars since it was first popularized in the 1970's after the "Patterson Film," hit the scene.
Fact: "You can't just go on T.V. and tell the truth about what you saw without some jerk-off with a P.H.D. who wasn't there, and didn't see what you saw, being interviewed after you, making you look like a crazy person, destroying your credibility. Finding someone to refute an eyewitness report is easy, they pay people to do it. 
"The average skeptic will ask questions about Bigfoot, Paid skeptics have opinions." 

 Make no mistake, exploitation of the subject has been carefully and shrewdly guided so that the mystery is maintained for as long as possible, and the networks can milk as many advertising dollars out of the subject as can possibly be made. 
All of these shows have one common theme....they dramatize and sensationalize every aspect of the subject to the point of ridiculousness to gain viewer support. They manipulate eyewitnesses to come forward and testify to the world what they saw, and most times then turn the tables on them with an official opinion from a paid skeptic and make them look like they are crazy and lying. 
While I concede that some eyewitness testimony raises the bullshit meter to a fever pitch, a large number of eyewitness testimonies are in fact credible that this species is real.  It's particularly tough to discount when multiple eyewitnesses confirm an encounter, the encounter involves physical evidence like track casts or unidentifiable hair samples or when the authorities are involved. Some eyewitnesses agree to and pass lie detection examinations. Either way structuring of the show is designed to give both sides in the issue, believers, eyewitnesses and skeptics a chance to speak. However... the skeptics are invariably given the last word so that the viewer walks away with the same belief. Bigfoot is not real. or Bigfoot is so mysterious.

If you take a long.... hard look at the structure of almost all of these Documentaries and shows on the subject, they are  for the most part structured in a manner that takes the viewer, that means you, on a journey of discovery that invariably as each scene reaches a peak....Pauses for a commercial, to allow a sponsor to subliminally re-enforce a need for a product or belief in your heads. YOU can't move...your stuck there watching, you have to see the damn thing they may find it this time.... you are bombarded with Semiotics, branded symbols and now days...commercials for medications that cause more illness than they cure. Eventually the show ends in you thinking exactly what they want you to think.The Sasquatch is not real or if it is not important to science. What if they are human?
"Everything you see on television, every second of carefully crafted with one goal in mind, the manipulation of mass opinion.
 If one were inclined to investigate, they may find a correlation between growing public interest in the subject on the internet, various social media sites and the airing of these shows. They seem to be timed to "Quell" any uprising in belief in the possibility that the species exists. In addition to that every now and then when the subject reaches a fever pitch due to some eyewitness photo or video evidence, the skeptics come out of the wood work, chiming in with armchair opinions on the subject.Online
For eyewitnesses and people outside of mainstream science who take the subject seriously this is at the least, very frustrating. Keep in long as the people don't view the Sasquatch as a "Human Being" they don't care at all if it's real or not, it's just good entertainment, that's all.
Semiotics is real ... You should look it up online.

coming... How has this purposely misguiding campaign influenced our research into Bigfoot?
The idea of there being another species of human-type being on earth is very serious and should be taken very seriously yet...Essentially...The public's opinion is ....that it doesn't matter, because they are led to think the Sasquatch is for the most part...a dumb animal.

                             Dumb Ape? or Type of Human

The debate as to weather Bigfoot is an ape or human is a part of the distraction that keeps the public in the dark, confused and ignorant of the real issue. The debate itself is something that was caused when someone with no knowledge of the species took a guess as to a possible answer about what they are. Scientists that have never seen or heard a Bigfoot chose to state uneducated opinions. If you do get the rare opportunity to get a good look at one or hear one up close, you would never have the opinion that what you saw or heard was anything but a giant wild human. They are smart and gifted, as one would need to be to survive in the wild, at mimicking the sounds of wildlife. Only a few individuals have had the privilege to examine their D.N.A. there are however many uneducated opinions on this topic. Over the years many highly educated scholars have made both theoretical and even point-blank statements regarding the existence of the Sasquatch and what they could be. Unfortunately many of these comments have just caught on. Try to keep in mind: Often these people how ever educated in their respective fields of study, open their mouths knowing nothing about Sasquatch or our research and even  less about the pursuit of truth.  Fact: Most of our future scientific community are being warned not to approach the subject of Sasquatch in the classroom before they ever even get a degree. Here is one real example taken from a post made by a guy named Bob. 
 Bob writes the textbooks that are used in the classrooms that are educating our future scientific community and teaches both Archaeology and Anthropology. I have not altered this post in any way. Professor Bobs very uneducated, insulting and sarcastic words-
 "There is something useful in Bigfoot for archaeologists in the classroom and in the field.
 In the classroom Bigfoot can be used to launch into a variety of topics, including the nature of scientific inquiry, obtaining funding, field methods, and evaluating hypotheses.  When I first saw the media report, via Twitter, about the anthropologist seeking $300,000 to buy a blimp to look for Bigfoot, I immediately re-tweeted the story, adding that I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to find one and it was a waste of money. Archaeologist ********** in turn, humorously tweeted that “Nothing says science like looking for Bigfoot with a blimp”.   Within an hour I was in class using the original story and the media it generated to launch into a discussion. Because my students were most interested in the money, I decided to spend some class time on educating them on the process of obtaining project funding, reasoning the likely reason why the anthropologist was looking for private funding was because no legitimate scholarly source of funding and scholarly peer review would see this as a worthwhile project or use of money.
In future classes, when popular interest in Bigfoot is high, I may consider using Bigfoot  to launch into topics relating to research design (eg. what kind of evidence would an archaeologist seek; predictive modelling), field methods (eg. not likely to use a blimp), preservation (a common explanation by believers for the lack of skeletal remains is that Bigfoot buried their dead, clearly not understanding that burial is more likely to preserve the remains and archaeologists can identify burials from the surface), and ways of evaluating hypotheses (eg. not accepting one hypothesis by merely rejecting the others).
For archaeologists working in the field there are a few things to consider. Firstly, maybe they should be on the lookout for Bigfoot when looking for archaeological sites in forests, or since Bigfoot reportedly like pastries and bagels, archaeologists should also be on high-alert around doughnut shops. More seriously though, since Bigfoot-like creatures are prominent in belief systems of many North American Indigenous groups, archaeologists should be respectful of those beliefs when working with Indigenous peoples and/or in their territories.  I have heard of at least one Indigenous group that requires archaeologists working within their territories to report any Bigfoot sightings to the Indigenous group and thereafter maintain confidentiality. I am also aware that when some archaeologists undertake traditional use studies for Indigenous groups they sometimes identify areas of purported Bigfoot activity under the category of “spiritual areas.”
Although there is potential for using Bigfoot to teach archaeology in the classroom and to become aware of, and respectful of, Indigenous beliefs about Bigfoot-like beings, I’m not proposing anything like an archaeology of Bigfoot project. It could be a slippery slope, potentially leading the archaeology of fairies, leprechauns, mermaids, and unicorns. Wait a minute, according to some news reports, archaeologists in North Korea have recently discovered a unicorn lair."
 This is some of the most uneducated and insulting commenting I have ever looked at. But it makes perfect sense that he would say these things, he is a victim of the system itself, an evolutionist and incapable of sane, rational thought because of his indoctrination to those concepts. Most of our educated academic scientific community received an education based solely on learning what is already known and all of our future academia is limited to what is "allowed" or deemed an "acceptable field of study."  This is not their fault, it's the nature of education and the framework of learning and is set up that way. It is a fact that the subject of Bigfoot is usually used to teach students of Archaeology what not to bring up when searching for grants. You can not deviate from what is available due to the scientific study funding process. Surprisingly the majority of these "Educated" professionals make very unscientific and subjectively uneducated statements that are closed minded and quite frankly have no base in the reality that we as eyewitnesses and researchers find ourselves.That may sound ridiculous but consider all that we as a research community already know and they don't.
 These are some common skeptical statements that are made by paid academic skeptics on a typical Bigfoot show:

"If Sasquatch was a real species, we would be seeing them."
 For the educated that are reading this...We do see them, we call this a sighting and there have been thousands and thousands in the last 100 years. every year there are many more. 

  or "Where are the bones if it's real?" I believe we have found Bigfoot bones, but in addition to that several have been shot over the centuries, and all have gone missing. Ivan Sanderson the great naturalist recounts a report in his book "Abominable Snowmen, Legend come to life" taken directly from the journal of a British commander stationed in the area of Mt. Everest that tells of an attempt to "Wire" the Himylayas for telegraphing when the soldiers tasked with transporting the huge spools of wire across the great Mountains to the other side, went missing. The commander himself accompanied the rescue incursion in the following days. A few days into the rescue effort, high in the Himalayas, the group encountered a gigantic, hairy, thirteen foot tall humanoid beast, asleep under a rocky outcropping in the area the men went missing. They believed the missing men fell prey to the beast, so they promply shot it to death, and brought the giant humanoid back. It was thoroughly examined by the commander and several other eyewitnesses and then shipped from India to the British museum of natural history. Sanderson himself enquired as to the whereabouts of the remains and was told they could not be found. 
However... to answer the "Where are the bones question" they are found in the woods, and if at some point mainstream science actually does their job....we will find some more and hopefully they won't get scooped up by a big museum and disappear aslo!!!! 
  Another uneducated statement is..."There just isn't any physical evidence for the existence of Bigfoot." 
 Well, the casts of the huge tracks they leave that clearly defy science to explain the unique anatomical traits they display that are different than human tracks are one huge representation of physical evidence. Another would be hair samples that have been found to defy identification to known species and show a tapered tip that has never been cut, these have been described by hair analysis experts as "Almost like it's coming from a wild human, though clearly not human hair."  One expert in psychology stated on a nationally aired Bigfoot show that "People see Bigfoot in the woods because humans evolved from apes, so the eyewitnesses must have been experiencing hallucinations through mental projection from the primitive, primal areas of their brains. The eyewitness tends to disagree with these explanations.  

                    Mainstream science and Sasquatch tracks. 

  What do Sasquatch tracks resemble? Human tracks..Right? Do they resemble Ape tracks? No not at all. Although they do resemble human tracks to the untrained eye there are some very different and unique things about a Sasquatch track. Proof positive that a real being left them.
 They do in fact display traits of apes and humans. In fact one "Expert" professor says they have both Human primate and Non-human primate traits. When a species carries traits of two different species....we call that a "HYBRID" This is curious because the same "Educated" professional refutes any findings that conclude Sasquatch is a Human-Hybrid.  This educated person also maintains the Sasquatch is most likely a relative of Gigantopithicus, the largest ape that ever lived. When in fact all the casts that this "Educated" professor owns, clearly display the same "Human-Hybrid" characteristics. He has publicly refuted the 5 year D.N.A. study having never reviewed the D.N.A. himself, and it confirms his hybrid theory, but because the unidentified half conflicts with his buddies and their evolution theory about humankind, he sold his chance to prove himself right for a shot to take more inconclusive thermal images from a flying waste of money.
 Why, when all the evidence thus far points to Sasquatch being a hybrid species, including their physical description, does mainstream science refuse to consider the Hybrid theory? 
Consider these descriptions:" it was an Ape-man," Giant hairy man," Gigantic human type foot prints," "big hairy man," "It was hairy like an ape but it looked like a man," "It's face was too human to pull the trigger," "It was definitely not an animal." 

Here is my own encounter description of what yelled at me-"It was a really, really big, hairy man." Simple math her folks.

                 The proof is already here.
 Let's move on to D.N.A. 
Josh Gates of Destination Truth did in fact encounter a Yeti while on expedition in the Bhutan National forest, a preserve set aside by Tibet's more truth oriented government, to protect Bigfoot's relative species called the Yeti. He found a huge track and the team had a close encounter with the Yeti that bore fruit, a clump of long grey colored hairs that were tested for D.N.A. and found to be from an "Unknown species of primate." I suppose those little discoveries don't count as "Physical Evidence" to the educated that choose to have an uneducated opinion.
Are we really supposed to think that people would try to fake D.N.A.?
It really is that simple. Now if the conclusions of the study rattle your senses and force you to question your own beliefs, you probably should have kept a more open mind.

1. An extensive five year D.N.A. study has been conducted.
2.Multiple genetics labs have confirmed that Sasquatch is real and in fact part human and part something else that cannot be Identified, a hybrid of some type. 
These are not my conclusions, they are what the D.N.A. shows. When actually examined.
 While I am not a geneticist, I have personally had several lengthy conversations with the geneticist that came to these incredible and apparently ego shattering conclusions.
 I am only writing this now because of what in fact happened
 When the geneticist tried to have the study reviewed, the next step in validation of the study and then.......the species she submitted it to the most prolific and noble of all the N.A.S. associated journals. Upon recognition that this was a "BIGFOOT" study with real D.N.A. included, the journal began to break rules for peer review. No evolutionary based national  journals will look at it and that is all that we can choose from, they are all evolutionists.
The study, was subsequently subverted by the scientific community by simply refusing to look at it. Experts that have never even looked at the actual D.N.A. evidence itself contained in the study and available for review have refuted all of it blindly, causing public opinion to sway back and forth. Yet every geneticist that does give the study an honest, fair review and tests the D.N.A. themselves, agrees with the studies conclusions. The Sasquatch is real, and the D.N.A. is real strange. Are we supposed to believe that  these people purposely tried to fake a five year intensive study by including the D.N.A. of known animals and subsequently submitting it to other highly intelligent geneticists expecting them to examine the same D.N.A. and then pass it off as real? Surely... you are not that stupid... yet these folks all over the skeptical and scientific community have repeatedly suggested that this is what the study represents.
What in fact happened was they refused to examine any of it. witch is a direct violation of N.A.S. peer review policy, as well as a travesty of enormous proportions and I believe... Illegal. But don't take my word for it call and ask them why they wouldn't even look at the study. CALL THEM!!!! Lets get them to look at it and prove her wrong so everyone can know what happens when you try to change the opinions of  our MAINSTREAM  SCIENTIFIC MONARCHY!!  If it's faked than let them prove it! LET THEM PROVE IT TO THE WHOLE WORLD BY REVIEWING IT! GIVE THE STUDY A FAIR SHOT AT A TRANSPARENT, PUBLIC PEER REVIEW SO THE WHOLE WORLD CAN SCRUTINIZE EVERY SINGLE STEP THESE COCKSUCKERS MAKE!!!! IT'S FAKE......PROVE IT.
as of yet no one wants to publicly test the D.N.A.  and release her conclusions. The geneticist that risked everything to help us all....has lost everything. Why would she purposely ruin her life by faking the study?
She wouldn't, and as a matter of principle the "Bigfoot Research Community" owes her their support.

                               "The Henchmen of censorship"

                          The National Academy of Sciences

let us now pull back the curtain and expose the few that control the many.
 So far, we have covered some less obvious signs and explanations for what I have been looking at from both the inside and the outside of the case for Bigfoot, but the enigma itself is much larger than just Bigfoot, in fact Bigfoot himself is just another red herring in the reality that is being kept from us...we are not supposed to see these things. But when we do.... There is a world of subliminal distraction that is constantly being changed and adjusted to meet the needs of a very disturbing agenda and keep the majority of the public thinking there is no real evidence for the existence of Sasquatch.
 As of today, no one from the National Academy of Sciences or the National Research Council has officially weighed in on the subject of Sasquatch.

 In fact, both of these organizations and every single notable peer review journal tasked with reviewing studies on new species, have repeatedly attempted to subdue, subvert and  outright refuse to look at any official study or evidence that would even imply the possibility that this species exists. Is this not contradictory to the very definition of discovery, and science?
If you are unfamiliar with who these two privately run organizations are, then you should know, "Everything you think and know about this world you live in, has been predetermined by these people. 
This is a fact, not a guess and if you look into what these people do, you will be shocked to see that they are literally in charge of censoring our existence.
Fact: Since the days of Abraham Lincoln,  privately run scientific organizations, funded by our govt, our tax dollars, big business and the obscenely rich, have controlled, censored, and even eliminated scientific discoveries from the consciousness of the people of this planet.

Not one officially publicized serious inquiry or investigation has ever been commissioned or attempted, that we know of, by these Scientific authorities into the existence of what has been seen more times by more credible people, on more occasions than any other non-verified species. This makes no sense at all when one considers that the entire mainstream scientific community has been pushing the theory of evolution and that we evolved from primates. They claim the existence of... at some point in our evolutionary process.... a "missing link." and that when it's found...It will be proof, of our evolutionary process from primates to man. They claim this because as of yet the two species, man and ape cannot interbreed, so, logically they say we must have evolved.
They should be salivating over the sightings catalog and following up every lead. They should have teams of scientists ready at a moments notice to travel and investigate a sighting. If any of what I have covered here in this report is accurate, and I believe absolutely it is, then they do have research teams...and our Govt has been looking into the subject of the living missing link. Logic follows logic.... is likely that they have found... what we have found... in the field ...They are real and the D.N.A. is real strangeIt is highly probable that the U.S. govt has "Killed or Captured" specimens and after intensive study...concluded the same thing that the recently released D.N.A. study has concluded: That Sasquatch is a Human-Hybrid. Is this the real reason for the cover-up? You see... apes and humans cannot interbreed without some type of intervention. It is not possible. This points a stiff finger in the face of all evolutionists and I believe this is why they will not look at any thing that has to do with Sasquatch, they already know what it is, they can't validate the species. The D.N.A., what it tells us and what it means is very troubling and contradictory to all existing knowledge. The discovery of Sasquatch and what its D.N.A... according to the recent study tells damming to the theory of evolution and could literally point to things that we as Human beings are not ready to accept.
 This could be the primary reason those in authority that are aware of all of this, will not come forward from the shadows into the light.

 In fact, both of these organizations and every single notable peer review journal tasked with reviewing studies on new species, have repeatedly succeeded in subduing , and subsequently subverting by outright refusing to look at any official study or for that matter...any evidence at all that would imply the possibility of  this species being real. To put this as simply as I possibly can......No one in authority can afford to let this discovery see the light of day.

Trying to hand our own scientific community evidence of the existence of Sasquatch is tantamount to proving they have been wrong about everything they believe in and have told us about how we came to be.  They can't and won't look at it in any way... other than to say it is part of Native American folklore and mythology and that it is not real.
  As humans that know all of this is real, I would compare our "situation" being in a dysfunctional relationship with a compulsive liar.
We are being lied to.... by who we have trusted... but we just can't face it... the implications are to much to handle. We are in denial.
 Example: You come home and upon entering your home, find the person you love and trust, in bed with someone else. are shocked hurt. Only they insist you did not see what you thought you saw  and that you were hallucinating. go see a doctor and are prescribed medication for hallucinations. You even apologize to your partner for the accusation.

The fact is, most people just aren't looking at any of what I have been covering in this report. 

We are very simply, victims of the machine at work...or maybe you realize these things and just don't care either way all of us continue to be denied the most basic of human rights:  "What does human life here on earth truly represent."  You don't have to be a scientist to be intelligent enough to see these things.

For all these scientific and moral transgressions against us, the reality is, these people are not very good at covering this up.  How are they supposed to hide what is real? The evidence say's they can't, they can only influence public opinion on what does come to light and hope no-one get's serious about getting organized against them.
For eyewitnesses....and researchers that find evidence of Sasquatch, over and over the majority public opinion has been swayed.  It has  happened in the past and unfortunately it will probably continue, unless....and until all of the eyewitnesses come forward, and the armchair research community on an organized front, confront mainstream science and demand reality be verified.
That's're responsible for not doing anything to change all of this. Reality and what is known, is  only known if it has been approved first. Like children we have been told what is and what is not.
Ask yourself if you doubt this: Why has nothing been done about all of this? 
Is it at least possible... that someone in "Authority" has seen the same evidence and  found the same human type, giant tracks? Of course it is.   ( see part 1 of report)
Furthermore...logically... if they have, to conclude that since they aren't sharing any information with the public, they have found reason to think that if people knew, it would disrupt current scientific agendas. Of course this is not to much to conclude if we take in all the facts of the case into consideration.
I say here now ..... in no way should you from this point on... in your own lives... consider the validation of this species a small matter. It is not and if you disagree, you haven't thought this through. The validation of this species is the single most important discovery in the history of mankind. Because of what the Sasquatches D.N.A. will tell us and its potential to enlighten us to truth's of our own existence we have never considered. This is all BUT understood. All of our lives will change.

                                  For Our research community ........
 The days are indeed numbered. We are the only people on earth that care about this species.... whatever they really are.... and yet as a community we continue to promote secrecy and  to allow skeptics and petty selfish arguments that have nothing to do with the real problem,  keep us from each other and the truth about Their existence.  As a community we are stricken with selfish agenda and stuck in a cycle that repeats it self over and over again. There will come a point......
There comes a time in every process in  life... at some point... when the Ideas of our youth begin to make less sense and they are replaced by the hard won experience and wisdom of age.
When that feeling that there is so much time is replaced by the realization that the time is short.
When the costly selfish direction has no excuse, and tired explanations are replaced by truth and logic.
It's then that we begin to appreciate what our lives really mean to us, and  we make the most of the days we have left and enjoy working with others.
If it wasn't for the pain of our lessons, we would not recognize the need for change and probably never change at all.
We need a serious avenue within the scientific community,  of approaching the eyewitness issue, the tracks, the hair, the D.N.A. with public transparency so nothing can be overturned or manipulated. Try to understand.....
....Right on earth, there exists a being similar to us, yet different, that  lives outside the realm of what we ourselves call human existence and whether you choose to believe or not....know this...they believe we exist. I wonder... sometimes...what they would say about us.

Eventually....When we get tired of the same old same old and have repeatedly gotten only more of the same.... We will come together world a community..... all of us who know and care...and refuse to take no for an answer demanding that the truth be uncovered to the whole world once and for all.
Until then....enjoy the laughter when you say the words 

"I saw Bigfoot."

Mark A. Zaskey.

[After reading this report I have only one clarification based on its own contents to add: First, Bigfoot is real. Secondly, Bigfoot (At least in the minds of most observers in the instance of the type most widely reported worldwide and in North America) is a kind of wild human and then therefore Thirdly, Bigfoot is not a new or unknown species. The species is the same as our own species, a hairy type of Homo sapiens. 

Therefore the majority of this argument as regards new and unknown species does not apply to Bigfoot now. And by the terms stated the discussion does not even touch on other things that might be called Bigfoot but which actually are unknown or uncatalogued species. The wording used in this report specifically excludes them.

However the rest of the article is very true as stated and it explains what is going on with  the discovery of other, actually unknown species, and how science in general in the United States is organized, and how it works. -DD]