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Friday, 22 March 2013

Surgeon's Second Photo

These two frames represent the two Surgeon's Photos of the set which came out of the developer, there were supposed to have been other photos which did not come through. I was recently asked how I could account for the object in the second photo being a reconfiguration of the object in the first one (Which would mean that it is impossible for a model built up on a toy submarine to assume both configurations as I contend) I did have this sketch added into my Cryptozoology group on Yahoo as of 2006 and taken from the copy of the photo in costello's book: it os only a suggestion but it dors seem that the darker spots at the surface could actually relate to one body showing partly through the murky water with part of the body and trailing tail the same in both photos, but the neck taken down in front in. the second shot. Below that is a copy of the full uncropped original shot.
The creature looks awfully small but upon comparison I make that out as the absolute visual size of a human being standing a short distance away, such as across the street or down the street a hundred yards or more. My guess is therefore that it should be the size of a normal human being. There is also a marked reduction of wave sizes that can be directly measured between the waves at shore and the waves at the location of the object itself.
My findings on this score only reinforce my conclusions that Christian Spuring had not a single clue as to what he was supposed to have been talking about. And that this is something much larger and more substantial than any bird, especially the submerged part of it.

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