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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Longnecked Beast on Ancient Peruvian Tapestry

This turned up on my facebook page as purportedly showing a longnecked unknown animal on a Chuimu tapestry (ornamental embroidered cloth meant for a wall covering) from prehistoric Peru.

These appear to be representations of long-necked water monsters and "Dinosaurs" are still supposed to be sighted in the lower-lying jungle areas of Peru and Bolivia. These are not otters, otters do not have such elongated snouts nor such long flat ears. However, if the "Ears" are meant to show the Euryapsid skull openings again, we are once again talking Plesiosaurs and probably even "Patagonian Plesiosaurs." the legs are not very important and they could be representing flippers: I notice that the tail ends of these creatures send in a "Whirlpool" and I have seen the same conventionalization elsewhere,

Notices were also posted that this cloth is a National Treasure of Peru, that it was taken from the country illegally and is loot. I have no connection to this matter and I know nothing of the whereabouts of this cloth now. But if such is the case, I do hope the people of Peru get it back again.

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