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Sunday, 17 March 2013

New Champ Photo?

From "Grave Digg's" Tumbler page

I took this picture awhile ago and I just happened to see it on my twitter page and… I just want to post it again because I feel like my discovery has been overlooked. I took this photo last year at Lake Champlain when passing through Vermont. Son of Champ? I dont know. Do you believe?


  1. This is very clearly a common river otter. I have a number of photos that are very similar, which were taken by photographers who were watching the otters for some time, taking a series of photos or at least viewing the otter sufficiently prior and after taking the photo to make a positive ID as to the species. I'll have to email you the pics or post them on your Facebook. Just let me know & I'll send them your way.

  2. I realised it was otter but actually I had hoped it was one of those giant otters that have been discussed on this blog before, and which have been described and even photographed in other locations. The head of this one is at least clearly visable.


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