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Monday, 18 March 2013

Boggy Creek Demonstration

This photo of the two Bigfooters standing in front of the poster for the Boggy Creek monster display came into my facebook inbox yesterday. I was immediately struck by how much the contours of the forehead, head and face resembled the skull of a Neanderthal man and so I put this demonstration together. The skull of a Cro-Magnon man is on the left and the Neanderthal is on the right (Both skulls and the creature on the poster are males)

I would say that the Fouke Monster together with the very similar reports from Florida and Eastern Texas are all very good representatives of a Living Neanderthal, The American Almas.


  1. I disagree on the Fouke Monster being a Neanderthal, Dale. The eyewitness accounts say that the creature was very apelike in appearance.

  2. I would guess there is mOre than one "Fouke Monster": in the parallel cases of the Texas Swamp Apes and the Florida Skunk Apes, there are two distinct poles of the descriptions and the footprints: the more humanlike ones (more Neanderthal like in all these cases, the witnesses say so and they all tend to agree with each other) and the more apelike kinds. Once again we have the same old problem: more than one species is being called by that name.

  3. How do you think multiple species of hitherto unknown primates (or ones thought to be extinct) living in the U.S. wilderness are (if they exist) are able to successfully avoid detection (in the form in the form of physical evidence like bodies and bones) by humans, Dale?

  4. Once more I must remind you that you are BANNED FROM POSTING because you are stupid and insulting. BUT you have a valid question so I'll let you slide until the meaning of "BANNED" sinks in.
    The answer is, I DON'T. As I look at it there are lots of bones around and more turning up all the time. Most people do not know this and are not aware of it. And I have spoken of it on this blog before,. Several sets of remains are called "Indians" and some are openly stated to be like Neanderthals or Heidelberg men. From both North and South America.
    And if you post again I shall NOT let your message through because you insult me to my face and expect to get away with it. There are consequences and the consequences are you are NOT allowed to post any more. Is that clear??

    And you have nobody to blame but yourself.


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