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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

NAPE Photo

Photo c/o Bruce Costello. A Facebook Friend of mine posted this photo of a supposed Bigfoot and  I thought it looked very much like a mother orangutan with a long snout and long messy fur, with a clinging infant that also looks very much like an orangutan. I would guess this belongs along with the Myakka ape to a native species of ape capable of living in warm-temperate forests and eating primarily fruit like apples and pears from orchards, acorns and pine nuts, and probably a large amount of insect and small animal matter including bird nestlings and organic refuse (human garbage) Other disagree with me and they have said so publically. I am still putting up this photo in the belief that I do have the proper interpretation of it. Whatever it is, it seems to be of a quite large size. The left hand seems to be in front at the far right of the picture and showing four regular fingers.

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