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Friday, 1 March 2013

Darren Naish Sends notice of Denisovan on Deviant Art

A while back Tyler Stone had sent me the beginning of a reconstruction of a "Neanderthal" that he found while surfing the net and I posted it here:m the work was still in progress then. Yesterday, Darren Naish's notice on Facebook alerted me to that the same piece of art. It had been posted on Deviant Art and that the artist had revised it to be a "Denisovan or Arctic Neanderthal." It is still a very good approximation of what Loren Coleman calls a Marked Hominid (after Mark A Hall). Darren Naish and his other friends them went off into a discussion abvout Homo sapiens subspecies (H.s.ssp.)from that point on. NB, I only got the message because of Darren's making remarks on the link: somebodt else had posted the link, but I had  o connection to the other party. Darren has subsequently let me know that he had no prior knowledge of or connection to this illustration.

The name of this artwork is listed as denisovan__or__polar_neandertal__by_keesey-d5whvpb
on the Deviant Art site. I shall fill in more details later if any more details are forthcoming.
BTW, I have pulled a muscle in my back and sitting at the computer is painful for me.
Because of that I shall be spending only limited time on the blogs and any comments left
on any of my blogs shall be going unanswered until I can manage to get to them.


  1. Hi Dale. I don't remember saying anything about this image or its history: someone else (the creator of the image, Mike Keesey) did. Please correct your post accordingly!

  2. Hi Darren, I was not saying that you knew, I was saying you had posted the notice. Two different things. Nonetheless I shall certainly consider rewording, I already indicated that I thought there would be updates. But the earlier form of the image WAS posted here, when the artist was still working on it as I said, and it came via Flickr then.


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