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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ketchum DNA Study Discussion continues

Melba Ketchum posted a mesage recently which presumably acted as "nsolicited support" for her hypothesis that Bigfoot DNA consists of human maternal ancestors and an unknown primate progenitor along the male line. The notice begins with this citation:

The following was a unsolicited commentary by A. John Marsh on a genealogy DNA page which scientists use to discuss mtDNA origin. This is not the complete discussion . However, it sums up the analysis.


Along w
...See More
Agriculture resulted in extensive population growths and human activities., whether major human expansions started after Neolithic Time still remained controversial. With the benefit of 1000 Genome Project, we were able to analyze a total of 910 samples from 11 populations in Africa, Europe…
And the gist of the support discussed the stated findings that the mtDNA analyzed form Bigfoot samples were of this T group, were related to one another, and originated in a subsection of T haplogroup carriers that originated about 13000 years ago.
My reply included the following information:
"This looks good on the surface but all it says really is that the human element of the DNA samples studied are all related and are out of one set of human ancestors centered on Western Europe and the British Isles and in fact is probably indicating one or more populations coming out of ther British Isles (which would be the case if you were sampling White Americans)The T group is prominently associated with Megalithic Europe and is common in Ireland: it is thought to have some relation to the redheaded strain of Western Europeans. It is also the maternal line of the current Royal Family of England (the Queen of England carries this type of mtDNA) and there are all sorts of different mutated strains in the set which are unlike the rest of the mtDNA T haplogroup: Hemophilia is a mutant genetic defect arising out of the same royal family and all hemophiliacs in the world today got it from Queen Victoria's family. NONE of this is good news for Bigfoot relationships because ALL of this information is well known to be WITHIN the human species. Group T is stated in the book Seven Daughters of Eve to have originated 13000 BC. No new news. That book was written by B. Sykes
We are defining the relatedness among DIFFERENT RELATED HUMAN DNAs. Nothing more.
We are talking DNAs COMMON IN THE BRITISH ISLES especially, Which WOULD be represented among WHITE AMERICANS."

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