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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Chupabat "Ahool" and Chupa Update

This illustration turned up on the "30 Day Cryptozoology Art Challenge" labelled as an Ahool. The Ahool is a flat-faced giant bat that is a biped on the ground, as large as a very small child. This is on the ither hand a pretty good depiction of a Chupabat (Giant False Vampire Bat) moving stealthily on the ground as a quadruped with its wings folded up. The ears are slightly too long and the snout is a mite short, but either way is not much.

The fur (Body hair) on this species is usually described as longer and scruffy on the back, but that does not mean that it is always in that state, and the hair on the back might not be very clearly seen from this angle. Incidentally, one of the other "Chupacabras" I saw on my photo search was actually a "Devil Monkey", being a very large but mostly mummified male rhesus monkey's body. And I have this "Chupacabras" skull that is the large iguana lizard sort, sent in to my email some weeks back:

I can see how that might look like a "Dinosaur" skull to somebody.

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