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Monday, 24 June 2013

Giant Anaconda Portrait

An illustration depicting the alleged encounter in the Amazon between Col. Percy H Fawcett's expedition and a giant Anaconda.
Ecozoo 21 months ago
Ow my .. this is what I was looking for ,a great, technical reproduction ,Artist impression of the famous account with the large Eunectes or Madtsoiid maybe what some believe, if is was all genuine the Perry Fawcett Snake is an absolute recordbreaker, but a little slim built,anyway there 's is a lot more proof today that heavy gigantic snakes more than 50 or even 60 feet ,did exist, and maybe this short ago ...who wil bring a sample of more physiological proof of the Sucuriji Gigante or the Bicha Grande ? ...

While this might have been intended as a representation of Fawcett's giant anaconda, the illustration is actually better for the OTHER giant snake Fawcett mentioned, the stout and dark-coloured Black Boa or El Dormidor, the "Snoring (or growling) Boa"

Another possible photograph of The Black Boa. The reports under this heading state that the creature  can grow as big as six feet thick but only about the same length of a big anaconda. The colouration is usually black and the surface texture is often said to be "Oily."

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