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Friday, 1 November 2013

Tsul 'Kalu

Tsul 'Kalu
Tsul 'Kalu (the slant-eyed or sloping giant), is a legendary figure in Cherokee mythology who plays the role of "the great lord of the game", and as such is frequently invoked in hunting rites and rituals.[1] Tsul 'Kalu is also believed by some to be the Cherokee version of Sasquatch or Bigfoot because he seems to share several physical and behavioral traits with the creature
The following report came from Lars Chiron Bohr and it is printed as it came from his page Sasquatch Evidence  on Facebook. It is an exemplary account and I am happy to be able to provide it for my readers at this blog:

 My Sasquatch sighting ~ Thanks to Terry Thomas for creating the amazing face and Paul Willison for creating the body of the Sasquatch I combined trying to recreate the being I saw!
About 13 years ago. I was living in Tennessee renting an old farm house way back up in a hollow on 700 acres. My landlord had cattle running on 300 acres or so and came by one day and told me about a deer he found up in a pasture with it's neck broken, almost twisted off and partially skinned and the meatier parts, heart and brain gone. Well I walked up to the pasture the next day and headed over to a pond that was at a ridge just below a hill top that he dug to water the cattle that was fed by a spring. As I came up the pasture about 150 feet from the pond I looked another 50 feet across the pond and there it stood! It looked right at me like it was surprised, then looked kind of curious and then I swear it looked like it smiled and then turned and walked up the hill into the trees and disappeared along a ridge. I couldn't see it after it made the wood line but I could hear it walking through the leaves and snapping trees. Never really felt threatened but I swear this thing looked almost human! I didn't get close enough to really see its face in much detail but the attached pic is as close as I've seen to what I saw that day. After I moved I went back on business trips, I was selling mineral specimens from a mine in Carthage TN. Anyway I had a rich friend from Fla, that owned a house up on a hill not far from where I lived that I stayed in while there on business and on the other side of the hill another good lived who owned around 1000 acres. One night at his house I heard what sounded like those Sierra tapes on you tube. It was the loudest howling and screeching I'd ever heard and scared the shit out of me! We went out on his land a lot collecting Geodes that we sold and several times when we were out hunting them you could hear and barely see something on the hill and ridge tops walking and following us around. Can't say for sure it was Sasquatch but it was really weird and it gave us the willies! We went Spelunking frequently too and several times we went into caves where you could see where something had made beds out of grass and ferns. There aren't any bear there just coyotes and bobcats so what was bedding in there? There has been several sightings reported in that area too. There are deer and turkey everywhere. Blackberry bushes and creeks in the bottoms full of fish, crawdads. Now that I know more about them I'd love to go back and try to habituate them but money, emphysema and my back won't let me.

This is one of those cases such as I had mentioned to Jay Cooney recently where the face and skull indicate a skull which is similar to the Neanderthals:

Two more reconstructions from the same album representing similar sightings in the same general area (the Civil War-era Border States and Tennessee). The one below shows the very large beard that is a feature in some of the stories

 And here is a bonus photo which seems to show the face of one of these creatures
From a video by Mark Parra.

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