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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Footprint Casts posted on Dr Meldrum's Facebook Wall

Don Jeffrey Meldrum: Just received some interesting information from William G. Heideman, who shared some of his experiences in the Bluff Creek, CA area during the summer of 1963, 50 years ago! A group of casts from that period was photographed at the home of Betty Allen of Willow Creek, CA, 10 July 1963. The tracks in casts 1 and 3 (L-R) were in the sandbar and water action had distorted the toes. Cast 4 is the last remaining cast from that collection, pictured in the next photo. Cast 5 was taken at a logging landing above the Creek.

--In this case there was some argument over possible faking and I shall admit that the two at far right do look suspiciously flat and featureless. The two at lefy were made underwater and both exhibit a peculiar toe-drag which could be due to the way the feet work in the sandy bottom underwater, and so I take those to be legitimate Sasquatch type footprints (Please note I am not saying the ones at right ARE necessarily faked, only just that they look funny to me from the photo) The ones I am really interested in are the smaller ones at position 2. those ones look very much Neanderthaloid (Like some of the small tracks from Texas) and I suspect they were made by the American Almas on this occasion.

Some More American Almas tracks, the top two are from Ohio. The bottom casts are from BFRO records and they are unusually broad and square.

Additional note: "Joe Richardson" attempted to post a remark on this entry. He apparently cannot figure out the only way he shall be allowed to post on this blog is to get a new name. In this case the important point is that, once again, his comment has nothing to do with the information posted and is completely irrelevant and off-topic. I'm doing this for your own good, "Joe"-where does this blog entry even mention the topic that you wanted to argue against? Where do those words even appear here? NOW do you understand why I do not want you to post here any more?? Your remark is completely out of line and off the wall.

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