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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Giant Skulls, discussions continuing

Currently there are discussions going on based on some of the reconstructions of Giant Skulls  I submitted earlier going on at Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum's Facebook page. Here is Dr Meldums pasteup of the contentious reconstructions together with a human skull for absolute scale:
The larger Giganto reconstruction is going on the report of the largest Giganto molar tooth, about an inch by an inch across the crown, the approximate size of a horse's molar. The reconstruction of Giganto in the middle is meant for an average-sized male and was made by Grover Krantz. Here is the description made by Dr Meldrum in regards to this particular illustration:
Grover's Skull is based on the larger of the mandibles of Gigantopithecus blackii. Its second mandibular molar is 20x20 mm (3/4 x 3/4 in). Mick wood based his alternate reconstruction on a recollection of hearing a report of a 1.0 x 1.0 in molar (25.4 x 25.4 mm). I pulled up a recent report of a find of Gigantopithecus teeth and the largest specimen was 23.6 mm. That would be about 15% bigger than Grover's reconstruction. I'll keep looking.
Then later on
Don Jeffrey Meldrum Just to be clear --- I am not advocating that Wood's reconstruction is plausible as far as size and scale. He and I have discussed some of my reactions to his depictions of INFERRED anatomy. We discussed the aspects of megadontia -- the possibility that Gigantopithecus had molar teeth disproportionately large for its mass as an adaptation to durophagy (diet of tough foods). It appears true that some isolated Gigantopithecus teeth were as much as 15% larger than those in the mandible that Krantz based his reconstruction on. But Wood's skull is a full 25% bigger than Krantz's and so in absolute scale perhaps unlikely. I personally have little confidence in reports od sasquatch over 9-10 feet tall.
And another one of my comments
Dale Drinnon You see in the literature where Giganto is estimated to have been as much as 12 feet tall and up to 1200 pounds. That is about what the skull scales out as. Whether or not Giganto got that big, I think its a fair guess that teeth of such a size are the exact reason for size estimates in that range (Estimates not figuring in the possibility of oversized teeth or other causes.)
Grover Krantz did in fact quote these figures when he was discussing his version of the reconstruction (middle of the three skulls)

Discussion is still going on but I thought my readers would like to have as much of this information as we have got to thus far.  Best Wishes, Dale D.


  1. Really cool Mr. Drinnon! Is it fine if I use some of the facebook quotes and pictures on this post for a blog post on my blog ( I would greatly appreciate it, and would include this page in my works cited area. Thanks!

    1. Once again, I fail to find any sites labelled "Bizzare Zoology" other than my own site, which currently remains a private site that Facebook Friends of mine shall be using. I think perhaps you need to check the address you have once again.

    2. Do you think it would show up if I changed the address? Thanks for letting me know, you have an awesome blog! Have a nice day.

    3. I should think that was what the problem was, and changing the address would probably fix you right up

    4. Awesome! Do you have any ideas for a new name for the blog? Biizarre Zoology had such a nice sound to it and I don't know what to change it to haha. Or do you think changing the blog name isn't necesarry? Thanks!

  2. I am not prepared to mke any decisions or statements on the matter now-my computer service was out yesterday and I'm still catching up

  3. Hi again,
    I am sorry if I am starting to bother you, but I would really love to hear your input on this article of mine as I feel that you have many awesome ideas! My blog seems to be up and working now, thank for your help. Here's my article regarding the Giganto reconstruction by Mick Wood:
    Thanks, you have a mention in my article too. Have a nice day, keep up the great work!

  4. Ok this time I can see your blog and it is a good site. I do not have the slightest notion what was going on before but I gave up my own claim to "Bizzare Zoology" and that might have had something to do with it. Good Luck

    1. Thank you very much! It was acting odd for me too but now its back to normal, thank you!

  5. Mr. Drinnon,
    My sincere apologies if I am starting to bother you :), but I had someone contact me from my site regarding Wood's claim of hearing about the 1 inch by 1 inch Gigantopithecus tooth. He had sent me links to some sites which all said that Gigantopithecus teeth could be an inch across. Is this more evidence for a larger size than Krantz speculated or is it just the normal tooth size? Thanks and have a wonderful day!

  6. Jay, please let me tell you you are not being any kind of a problem. We got off to a bad start mostly because we were both trying to run a blog with the same name and address. In this case, you are writing to me more often than I can get to your messages in my email. As far as I know your information is correct and the largest Gigantopithecus teeth are in the realm of one inch by one inch by one inch the crown. I have not measured the teeth myself but I have heard the description repeated several times. This is larger than the teeth of the largest male Gigantopithecus jaw we have in pretty good condition, and well above the size of the teeth from any of the female jaws. Furthermore (and doubtless this will be news to you) the descriptions of teeth in that size range match the molars on top rather than the molars of the lower jaw.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

    1. Thanks! My sincere apologies about the blog thing too, I feel bad but I had no clue when I was making it and I must thank you very much for being okay with that! I just didn't know if the 1 inch X 1 inch size was out of the ordinary, and I am guessing that the fact that they are top teeth makes it ordinary with the original 10 feet tall estimates. Thank you so much for communicating with me, I was hoping to communicate with you when I was thinking about starting a blog! Have a nice day.


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