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Friday, 1 November 2013

The Local Bigfoot (Indiana and Adjoining states);jsessionid=8D86776DCA69D8A3CD08AA869BE284B6

From the Hairy People Facebook group. I think the dialogue there best explains the circumstances of why I included this:

Dale Drinnon I would want to run this picture on my blog and point out some features of interest in possible identification as to identity. I would include the link to ebay as part of the posting and to this wall too if you like. I believe I may have expressed such an interest for other artwork you have here before.
Michael Jon Wawrzyniec This one is based on Arkansas ,i lived there in the 70,s off and on and heard many storys of the fouke county hairy man , and other stoys of indian lore with the hairy people that make you forget ,oh say ha, ? I never actually seen any down there ,but invision them in the backwoods with differant envirnmental living conditions creating slightly differant hair ,body, and looks according to my knowledge of the area , my sightings 3 were all here between 2000 & 2005 withen a 3county are two in rockingham va. One on the green county border, skyline drive*

Merrie Barnes I lived in a little place called England Arkansas (transplanted from Newport RI-total culture shock!) in the early 80's and used to listen to the 'ole folks talk about the foulk monster but never put it together with bf..

Dale Drinnon This is just perfect. I just had a similar picture from Indiana and I had made such comments as I mentioned, and also said it was a good match for reports in Kentucky and Tennessee, but I had to yank it at the last minute because the person that had made the other picture was supposed to have been involved in a hoax. This would be the perfect replacement for me and I could add Arkansas to that list

Michael Jon Wawrzyniec Sometimes I get mixed up and also do some called Wooly Booger but that one lives in southern va.*

Dale Drinnon Booger is common throught the area, also Mountain Booger. Some people use other names and I have also heard "Hairy Whompas" but that is really the name of a Mystery Cat: some people just like the sound of that "Whomp-Ass"

Michael Jon Wawrzyniec But Climate changes all creatures even of the same species, northern versus southern and also southern mountains versus southern swamp, and so on I have spent a lot of time in the wilderness startex when I was 7 skipped school a lot to be there !

Dale Drinnon Right, that's why I wanted to know the geographic area especially, My initial comments was basically for Indiana and the old Border States of the Civil War era. That includes West Virginia. It may go further than that but my comment was originally a depiction from Indiana and then I said "Hey that looks exactly like reports from Tenneessee and Kentucky"

Below are the features as attested to by witnesses in Indiana and adjoining states , and I can attest to the witnesses insisting on these points, which suggest some form of Archaic Homo sapiens. The double arched brow ridge (NOT just straight across) is diagnostic for Neanderthals (only)


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