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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Eastern Bigfoot Comparisons and Identity

The following chart was started by a friend on Facebook and I have added copies of the skull to all of his outlines as a constant point of reference. He works primarily with sightings in Ohio.

He has based his profile of "Ohio Sasquatch" on Trailcam photos (Nightvision-enhanced)

Ngandong cranium (Solo man) -Clearly similar to both Kansas skulls and Gadar man skull
Below, overlay of Kansas and Gadar skulls (Reversed so lettering reads normally. and this drawing reconstructs the Gardar Man face, which was missing. The indicated landmarks on both skulls are lined up here, bregma to bregma and so on) I find both of these skulls to be a good parallel to different skulls of the "Solo Man" series, some of which seem to be males and some females.

Below is the same Friend's painting representing one of the Ohio creatures.
(I am waiting for word back from him but right now I have not got permission to use his name)

             And below, comparative silhouettes showing A) "Littlefoot" or ProtoPygmy type,
B ) Ordinary human and C ) Eastern Bigfoot, generalised composite, compare to above (Males).

Some more of the characteristically burly body shapes below: 
(The first one is I believe from Western Pennsylvania)

"A beautiful painting of Rich LaMonica's Bigfoot sighting near Kimbolton, Ohio from 1988. This is a picture of the actual painting that Rich made after his encounter"

Below, a painting made for the Kentucky Bigfoot Research team

Ohio Bigfoot in Winter
"Actually, if its the Tim Peeler I believe it is, hes carrying a stick, and he stood up to the Sas, and said "Git!!". This is based on an encounter out of Cherokee County, NC"

Below are some more portraits of the type (Males) including a selection of beards

Model of face emphasizing the large eyes
Trailcam capture of face image

Neanderthal-like with prominent goatee beard

An exceptionally good Neanderthal type portrait 
Eating a Honey Comb by Rob Roy Menzies
Below, a roadside sculpture from Oregon

A Baby Bigfoot portrait by Thomas Finlay
A related report also just posted by Tom Marcum at The Crypto Crew:

Thomas Marcum at The Crypto Crew posted this video link

"This was recorded in Grahn, KY by Tabatha Steagall and she was nice enough to give me permission to use it and enhance the audio.
Now I don't know for sure if this is a bigfoot but there has been a lot of activity coming out of Carter county Kentucky for many years now, so it is very possible it is a bigfoot.
Tabatha told me about the time she let her young son makes some bigfoot calls and was awed when they heard replies.  That event happened about 1 year ago.


Kentucky is another place where physical remains of Bigfoot  have been reported in the form of teeth, skulls and skeletons. The form of these remains is  consistent with the information as given above. And incidentally if these creatures ARE some form of Archaic Homo sapiens, then they are NOT Cryptids, they are NOT unknown:  they are members of our own species.

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