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Monday, 18 November 2013

Orang Pendek Web Site

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On the basis of the new tracks and other new data I would say that beyond any shade of a doubt the (Apelike) Orang Pendek is the same as The Little Yeti (le Petit Yeti, of Heuvelmans), the smaller Yeren  (Of Greenwell LINK), presumably the Hibagon of Japan, and the NAPES of North America (Category created by Loren Coleman but including earlier statements of Ivan Sanderson and others) Commonly also known as Swamp Ape, Wood Ape and Skunk Ape LINK & LINK.
 This is my statement and not the conclusion of Cliff Barackman or anybody associated with the site.
North American Mittenfoot track, right foot print with
Opposed big toe off to the side on the left in this photo
It is absolutely imperative that we determine whether this is a different species from the more usual orangutans: word so far is that they are not recognizably genetically distinct from them. That could change later, and if it changes for the one form it should change for the same series because their footprints are all similar. There is a related Latin American form but its footprints do NOT match
The caveat remains that "Orang Pendek" in common usage is not a specific term for only the apelike creature and it can be applied to humans as well, and that in fact the same also applies to Yeti, Yeren, Skunk Ape and so on, none of these terms are specific to any one thing in common usage.

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