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Thursday, 11 April 2013

The posting of "Yeti Articles"

The posting of "Yeti Articles" has been removed as per the request of the original author. The request was not in order and misrepresented ther situation, The posting was within the terms of fair use and not altered in the slightest: the advertisements for Amazon books were part of the author's original posting and did not do me any good. I have no arrangements to monetise this blog, I have no agreement with Amazon Books and this blog is not-for profit. The articles included two items which were important to the understanding of the situation which were not immediately available anywhere else: the links to the originating site were all in place and all indications credited the original author. This entry had been run in answer to a specific rerader's specific request. HOWEVER it is also the policy that if the author disputes this blog's right to run an article, all that is necessary is for the author to make a request and the article will be removed. That has been done. There is never any need for insults or requests. And for the information of the author, the material which was used in the blog posting is NOT owned by the author but by the other sources the author had got it from. This is often the case on the internet where persons claim material which they have taken off of someplace else in the internet is claimed to be somebody's intellectual property.

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