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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Followup to Meldrum article

There is a reconstruction of the Chinese Yeren included in the article and drawn after the Witness' specifications, the article's Figure 3:

I do consider this to be an exceptionally good representation but of the wrong type. This is at least partly copied fter a drawing made from reports in the Caucasus, of the Almas type. It is a pretty good representation of the Eastern Bigfoot AKA The American Almas. It is a different type than the typical Sasquatch that the footprints are attributed to in the article. Both types are present in China and especially noting also Manchuria, and this type is also reported all across Siberia and Central Asia, and traditionally into Japan also. This would include the Marked Hominid of Coleman and based on the work of Mark A. Hall, and the composite is a good match for "Mecheny"

Bones and teeth of this type have been found and they are classified as a variety or subspecies of Homo sapiens, differentiated from the rest of us mostly because they have more prominent body hair.

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