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Monday, 22 April 2013

Another Ape in the Bush

One of my Facebook friends who publishes these photos when he finds them sent me this photo the other day and it purports to show a "baby Bigfoot" up in the branches of a tree. (This is the same individual who has sent in similar photos of "Wood Apes" that have been publicised on earlier blog entries. In this case whit is shown does look distinctly like an ape standing up in the shrubbery (enlargement in insert). It is my understanding that he does not own the photo since he has a Google copyright on the photo.

This is a composite drawing bof a "Wood Ape" from a Texas Bigfoot site. I consider this to be the North American equivalent to the "Yeti" and "Yeren", and that all of them may simply be relics of the "Fossil Orangutans" of Ice Age China, which were ground-dwellers and related to regular orangutans about in the same way that chimpanzees compare to gorillas. There is still the question as to whether all of these apes belong to the same species as the "Known" orangutans, but currently the fossil type IS classified as the same species. There ereally does need to be a verdict made on that point. But this means that provisionally at least, all of these other creatures are also the same species

Here is a comparison of the "Wood Ape" to a pair of young orangutans walking bipedally. the stance and the limb proportions are similar although the "Wood Ape" (and the "Yeti") seem to be more regular bipeds than the usual orangutans. Even at that,  the NAPES and Wood apes (and Skunk Apes of Florida) are known to go down on all fours and use knuckle-walking like the known anthropoid apes.
Photo courtesy of JC Johnson, from Facebook (Yesterday):
"This is at Leonard Dan's saddle area. 8500' . This is after the hunting seasons, and well after everyone has been kicked off the mountain back in November. We were experiencing 40 mph guests at elevation. We assume the print was fairly fresh, due to the fact that wind destroyed the impression with a few minutes. It appears to be a left hand in a fist form? "

Above are the tracks of the South Tibetan "Yeti" (the "Little Yeti" or Lesser Migo, also known as the "Big Monkey" or Olo-Banda) and "Yeren" or Xing-Xing in China, which appears to be the same as the Hibagon 9etc) of Japan. The Little Yeti is identified as the same as the Orang Pendek by Sanderson. Below is a comparable track cast from Pennsylvania (in the man's right hand, at left, the one in the man's left hand is a "Frogfoot")

Heubach, orangutan_hand_and_foot, plus photo of knuckles
This Sumatran Orangutan is living the lifestyle of the Skunk Ape or Swamp Ape. In Texas, the change between Wood Apes and Swamp Apes is merely a matter of the dryness or wetness of the forests that they inhabit.

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  1. Nice article. I might try to ask Eric Altman if that PA cast is still in existence so that it could be properly examined.


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