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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tatzelwurm Mockup Photos From Deviant Art

Recently the matter of the Tatzelwurm came up again and among the other matters, Markus Bühler  has asked me to draw attention to his Tatzelwurm mock-ups which he has put on Deviant Art. Since these are unusually good mock-ups I was only too happy to comply. Markus uses the name of "Bestarius" on Deviant Art.

 The first reconstruction is more along the lines of Ulrich Magin's reconstruction of the Tatzelwurm as a giant salamander. Below are two views of the creature half-hidden in the leaf litter, which is a stuation that is reported in sightings at times. The theory goes that the amphibian breeds in mountain strams and in caves, and Ulrich Magin states its size to be between three and six feet long, more usually at the smaller end of the size range. (in an article in PURSUIT)

        The following two reconstructions feature more of a reptillian appearance, with scales. The hind legs could be hidden in bad views of a four-footed giant salamander, but this reptile seems more definitely two-legged only.

I personally have taken the rather bold move of stating that there is evidence for both of the reported types, both the fourlegged giant salamander AND the twolegged reptile. And actually I see no other good explanation besides saying that the two types of reports are referring to two different kinds of animals. The following is the information given on the subject in George Eberhart's Mysterious Creatures:

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