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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Winged Reptoids And More Flying Horribles

Winged Reptilian Sighted in Wisconsin by Man & Son

[The following report assumes that what is being witnessed is one of the "Boss" Reptoids, a winged "Draco". These Dracos are much larger than regular humans and yet are supposed to be able to fly]
Posted 06 November 2006 - 01:02 AM
IPB Image\

Above is a drawing of a Reptilian humanoid. You can see the bony ridge that extends from the forehead. This is a classic feature of one species of Reptoid.

This particular entity was seen in the mid-90s as a man and his son were hunting for a lost dog by the riverbank in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, in the US. Around the same time, a state DNR warden and separately, a group of highway workers saw what they described as a "reptile man" on Hwy. 13 near Medford. It also possessed wings and was able to fly out of their view. The Medford spot was very near the Black River which winds up from LaCrosse!

And now there has been another recent sighting of a wing-ed Reptilian which occurred on Tuesday, September 26, 2006, on Briggs Road near LaCrosse between 9:15 and 9:30 pm. A 53-year old LaCrosse man(who goes by the name "Wohali") and his 25-year-old son saw the creature almost fly into their windshield. It stared in at them and then swooped upwards into the night sky. (Below is the drawing by one of the witnesses)

IPB Image

The creature was an estimated 6-7 feet tall, had batlike, leathery wings with a span of 10-12 feet, long claws on its feet and "hands" and a snarling expression on the face. They both somehow felt it was angry it had been seen. In seconds, both became physically ill, and the son, who was driving, swerved and then pulled the truck over into the ditch so he could vomit. The son, who wishes his identity kept private, vomited six or seven times. Wohali retched, as well, and both remained sick for an entire week. The son was so frightened by the encounter that he refuses to discuss it.

I believe the nausea the men experienced could be due to the creature being radioactive and/or possessing a hazardous chemical perhaps used during a government experiment. Some people have reported getting sick after seeing aliens and UFO's. Wohali further described the creature: it had "distended ribs, long sort of human legs with claws, huge bat-like wings with 'arms' sort of attached, I remember the teeth and the scream we heard was terrifying."

I think there are several possibilities as to where it originated. It could be an Ultradimensional and have come through a portal, it could've escaped from an underground Reptilian area, and/or it could've been just one more governmental experiment underground that was let loose into the environment. But I think the sightings of two Reptilians in the LaCrosse area over the years is very strange.

I found a map of the LaCrosse area and it shows Lacrosse as running right along the Mississippi River. There was a case a while back of someone seeing a tiny alien in a town bordering a river in Chile. So it would seem plausible to assume that they are appearing near a needed water source.

IPB Image

Also, I found out that there are quite a few heavily wooded bluffs in LaCrosse. This would allow the creatures to stay hidden(for the most part) from society until someone happened to wander into their territory.
IPB Image

The man who witnessed the recent sighting said "I've been living in this valley all my life and have seen some strange things, after all the Mississippi Upper Wildlife Refuge is the largest in the country and right out my back door. It hides lots of strange creatures. But I've NEVER seen anything like this. Rent the movie Bram Stoker, Dracula, the Dracula creature looks like it or better yet like the one in Van Helsing."


The Draco reptoids, usually standing seven to twelve feet tall, have been reported to be the royal elitists of the reptoid hierarchy. They are seen far less often than other reptoids types. The Draco are similar in appearance to the Reptoid, but they have distinct physical differences.

Draco have wings. These wings are made of long, thin bony spines or ribs that protrude out of the Dracos backs. The ribs are adjoined by flaps of leathery, blackish-brown skin. The wings are usually in a retracted position. In some instances, such as reported by author John Keel ('Mothman Prophecies), the beings matching descriptions of the Draco have been seen to actually fly by use of their wings. (With the beings neck cranked downwards upon spectators, the glowing red reflective eyes of a flying Draco would appear to be placed in the middle of their chest as described by eyewitnesses.)

[This would not actually work the way it is described and more importantly, it is not what the witnesses are actually describing. Better to leave Mothman out of it-DD]

In several contacts, people have seen reptilian looking beings wearing capes draped over their shoulders and down their backs. The capes may either be a piece of clothing specifically designed for covering the Dracos wings or their retracted, dark leathery flaps might be appearing to be a fabric-like material flowing across and down their shoulders and backs.

What strikes eyewitnesses the most about the Draco beings is that they have horns. (not pictured here). These may be long, bony ridges that run back along their slightly conical heads or they may also be actual, horny protuberances that developed midway between the brow and the top of the Dracos skull. (These classical physical characteristics attributed to the modern image of Satan.)

The Draco types appear to have a much more athletic build than the other reptilian beings. Their upper torsos are extremely lean and their neck muscles splay out from the base of their jaw to their shoulder blades. (Their lean build may result from the physical demands required to fly with the use of their wings?)


Some individuals, who had reported Draco contact, said that there were instanced when another Draco, with white powdery scales, approached and gave the others instructions. In every one of these cases, the greenish-brown Draco beings appeared to be submissive and highly respectful towards those with white scales. This reaction indicated that the Draco hierarchy is a caste system dependant on skin color (and possibly other unknown genetic straits).

Other non-human beings, such as the Greys, have also demonstrated similar respect for the Draco, so they appear to be top dogs in the reptoid food chain. What remains a mystery is whether these are commanders, kings, generals, politicians or simply caste socialites sneaking peaks into advanced 'Black'[illegal] projects of their own.

Without putting too fine a point on it, the Draco Reptoids are Physical Devils. The general appearance is batlike (or even Batman-like) but they are so big that it is difficult to see how they could possibly fly. However, reports could also include reports of Thunderbirds or "Pterodactyls" misundersood and this is explicitely stated below.

young artist's conception of a Draco Reptoid

The report which is at the top of this blog entry was also included on this blog at the link and so I omitted a repeated mention of it, but I shall go ahead and add what else was on the blog:


Sighting Of Huge Winged Reptile

by Pen » Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:02 pm

I just got this email..... As some of you may know here my husband and I sighted a huge winged reptile as we were walking one night back in 1997. I put it on a crpto site and left it there. Over the years I have received emails from others who have sighted one of these reptiles, but don't want to come forward publically with their sighting. Of course I did on a crypto site years ago and promptly got called a liar. So its understandable why people don't come forward. Makes me wonder just how many other people out there have sighted these things and kept quiet about it.

Anyway here is the email:

Hi there, just caught your story as I decided to google search winged creature sightings from the following story.

Friend of mine and her daughter spotted a winged creature sitting on a road. It was a suburban street with houses etc on a hill (Mt Coolum Sunshine Coast Qld.) As they drove up to it, they saw it was huge and as described nearly took up the whole road. It appeared "Not of this world" .. As she described it kind of like being like a Teradactle (sp?)[Pterodactyl]..Apart from the "WTF is that??" comments, lol. Not sure if it was the same thing you saw but they drove right up to it and it appeared to move slowly in it's take off.. They both saw the same thing and described it the same including how it took off from the ground. . I don't know how to describe the wing movement as she decribed it by moving her own arms but it moved not like a flapping of wings more like curling it up at the side slowly and then seemingly effortlessly taking off. Kind of one movement type thing.

I think it's an incredible story and I believe them 100%, she seems to think that it's not a worldly creature but one from a porthole of some ancient spiritual realm, perhaps this creature can move within these two worlds?

Who knows, definately couldnt be feeding off the enviroment? especially in a populated area etc..(although the sunshine coast is a regional but coastal area). If it does it's scarey to say the least. It's way too big not to be noticed as well... What would it eat? Fish?

Thought you might like to know considering it was in Australia.


Know Thyself - and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the Gods and of the universe.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Re: Sighting Of Huge Winged Reptile
by Pen » Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:06 pm

Here is my response to the person who emailed me:


Hi there, just caught your story as I decided to google search winged creature sightings from the following story. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me and let me know of this sighting. This is the second report I have received from someone in Qld of sighting one of these creatures.
They have been sighted in different parts of the world…. PNG, U.S, England and Australia. I have wondered if these aren’t the dragons of ancient times.

Friend of mine and her daughter spotted a winged creature sitting on a road. It was a suburban street with houses etc on a hill (Mt Coolum Sunshine Coast Qld.) As they drove up to it, they saw it was huge and as described nearly took up the whole road. It appeared "Not of this world" .. As she described it kind of like being like a Teradactle [Pterodactyl].Apart from the "WTF is that??" comments, lol. Not sure if it was the same thing you saw but they drove right up to it and it appeared to move slowly in it's take off..

The report I got from Qld a couple of years ago said it was sitting on the roof of their garage.
Our sighting in Western Australia was over a densely populated area.

They both saw the same thing and described it the same including how it took off from the ground. . I don't know how to describe the wing movement as she described it by moving her own arms but it moved not like a flapping of wings more like curling it up at the side slowly and then seemingly effortlessly taking off. Kind of one movement type thing.

We did not see the creature take off, we saw it soaring on the wind currents… at first it was just a huge dark shadow in the night sky, but when it got over just to the right of us the ground lighting lit up its underbelly…. That was a major shock for me. We watched it fly away until it was just a dot on the horizon.

I think it's an incredible story and I believe them 100%, she seems to think that it's not a worldly creature but one from a porthole of some ancient spiritual realm, perhaps this creature can move within these two worlds?

An other dimensional creature? I have thought the same thing, but its just speculation. Jonathan Whitcombe has gone in search of this creature which has been seen often on a small island off the coast of PNG. He also included our sighting in two of his books… “In Search of Ropens”. I wonder if you would mind me forwarding this email on to him….. I know he would really appreciate it.

Who knows, definitely couldn't be feeding off the environment? especially in a populated area etc..(although the sunshine coast is a regional but coastal area). If it does it's scary to say the least. It's way too big not to be noticed as well... What would it eat? Fish?

Lets hope it eats fish!! That was a question I had too upon our sighting. You have to admit many people go missing without ever been found, and many of those are off beaches. Not saying that its one of these things but it sure makes your mind work overtime!

Thought you might like to know considering it was in Australia.

Thanks, I truly appreciate it. If you would like to pass on my email address to your friend who sighted this creature, please do so. I would welcome speaking to them.

Take care

PS. When I finally decided to come out public with our sighting, I found a crypto zoology message board and posted the sighting, but was promptly called a liar, which was very upsetting to say the least, when I was telling the gospel truth. I left and never went back to that site. I found another site and just posted my report and left. That is how Jonathan found me, and I discovered that I was not alone in sighting this creature.

Re: Sighting Of Huge Winged Reptile

by Pen » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:00 am

I received an email from the lady who saw this huge winged reptile along with her 13 year old that was in the car with her. This women appears to be a very nice person.... She told me she was driving at night, and came upon the creature beside the road, and it leapt up into the air... one of its wings covering her entire car... she thought she was going to hit it. She said it flew off towards Mt Coolum, where there are a few caves. She also told me that she has spoken to someone else who has seen one of these huge creatures. Whatever they are, they must be nocturnal. I have spoken to others too who have seen one of these things, and both hubby and I have too back in 1997.


Re: Sighting Of Huge Winged Reptile

by Pen » Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:03 pm


I received calls from as far as Canada and China. However, despite the reports of Bigfoot, serpents and even a troll (!), the most unusual call I had concerned a chap from merry ol’ England. This is his story:

‘OK, before I report this I want you to no I’m in no way over the top, crazy, or mad…but one night while driving home from Exeter to Torquay on the A38 a couple of years ago I saw a large winged creature. I had just got to the top of Haldon Hill and as I came to the top of the hill something swooped down and flew up and over my car so close to my windscreen you could have fit a Rizla paper between it! The only way I can explain how these wings looked was the same as how bats wings are but much bigger! The wingspan was wider than my Honda Civic 1.5, I'd say each wing was about 2 .5 metres across.

'I’m seriously not the sort of person to come forward about this type of stuff, I kind of dismissed it until I heard you on Coast To Coast saying that many people had seen things like this. I hadn’t heard of anyone else who had reported this until now so felt I should share with you what I saw. The area I saw this has a lot of thick dense woods….and I mean miles of woods.’

Source: ... -hill.html

And elsewhere:

Strange & Unexplained - Flying Humanoids


In a 1947 book Russian writer V. K. Arsenyev recounted this July 11, 1908, experience in the Sikhote Mountains near Vladivostok in the far eastern region of what would be the USSR:

The rain stopped, the temperature of the air remained low and the mist appeared over the water. It was then that I saw the mark on the path that was very similar to a man's footprint. My dog Alpha bristled up, snarled, and then something rushed about nearby trampling among the bushes. However, it didn't go away, but stopped nearby, standing stock-still. We had been standing like that for some minutes.... Then I stooped, picked up a stone and threw it towards the unknown animal. Then something happened that was quite unexpected: I heard the beating of wings. Something large and dark emerged from the fog and flew over the river. A moment later it disappeared in the dense mist. My dog, badly frightened, pressed itself to my feet.

After supper I told the Udehe-men about this incident. They broke into a vivid story about a man who could fly in the air. Hunters often saw his tracks, tracks that appeared suddenly and vanished suddenly, in such a way that they could only be possible if the "man" alighted on the ground, then took off again into the air.




I had my own sighting in ohh.. Must have been 1980 or 1979.. somewhere around there.. My parents had bought this farm about 30 miles N.E. of Rolla MO.. The day in question was a warm summer day around noonish.. I was out near the pond fishing when I saw a shadow.. I looked up and saw this incredibly huge (about 6 ft long) huge birdlike thing.. It didnt appear to have feathers.. more like fur.... it was dark brown.. not making a sound.. it looked like it was only about 50 ft up in the air.. If even that.. its been awhile ago.. but the image was burned into my mind that I remember it to this day.....

Re: Sighting Of Huge Winged Reptile

by Pen » Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:59 am

Hi Penny

This thing we saw was not mothman or owlman..... it was a huge flying reptile.... we estimated its wingspan would have been between 30-50ft across. It was huge! When the ground lighting lit up its underside we saw that it was definitely a reptile.

The English person reporting his sighting said:

I mentioned to the witness the reports of Owlman but he stated, ‘The wings were more like a bat, too wide for an owl. I didn’t see the head as it was too fast but the wings reminded me of a pterodactyl. It literally swooped over my car and the car shook, similar to when a lorry goes by on the motorway. I was doing about 65 mph and I wish I’d stopped but at the time my heart was pumping. This thing was more reptile-like in its skin texture and the colour was a beige-brown.’

The one we saw was a ruddy reddish brown colour, and it had a sort of beige in it too in parts. Now a similarity in this report with ours is that we did not see its head either.... it was due to the angle it was flying at, or it flew with its head tucked right back. We saw its underbelly due to the ground lighting, but the rest of it was in shadow.... But we saw it pretty clearly due to it being a moonlit night. I honestly could not move or take my eyes off it.... I just stood there anchored to the spot watching it, with hubby beside me doing the same. He took it a lot more about it than me, with his scientific mind. We stood watching it until it was a dot in the sky in the distance. So there are some strange things in this ole world in which we live. It pays to pay attention. There are obviously creatures of the day, and creatures of the night.



Re: Sighting Of Huge Winged Reptile

by True Angel » Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:50 am

Dinosaur birds all over the internet?? Yes, Pterodactyls. I was looking for images about winged creature sightings and these links about Newly found this bird and that bird and the name Pterodactyls kept coming up.

So, I posted the article below on them. This evening I was going to post a search link but came across a possible attack site. So be careful when searching for info RE this bird. Since it is a hot topic, spammers abound.

Living Pterodactyls Haunt Our Skies ... ar05.shtml

Re: Sighting Of Huge Winged Reptile

by Pen » Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:38 pm

Hi Penny

That was a really interesting read.....


We know that these creatures once existed because of the fossil record. Sightings have continued to this day, and legends abound, but where is the physical evidence that these creatures still exist? One thing that must be first understood is that fossils are anomalous geological artifacts, typically made because of some cataclysm or volcanic disaster. Most animals when they die, naturally or by a predator, simply decay and return to dust. The point here is that a pterodactyl that died in a desert or jungle or mountain crag 1,000 years ago (or even 10) would not have left a fossil behind for us to prove to us that it had been there.

The second thing that must be understood about these amazing flying animals is that they are nocturnal and live only in extremely remote and uninhabited areas of the earth. Even so, there are literally hundreds of reports of giant birds and flying lizards showing up around the world. The most amazing pteranodon fossil ever discovered was at Big Bend National Park in Texas. The park was the site of the discovery of the skeleton of a giant pteranodon in 1975. It had a wingspan of 51 feet and is the largest fossil of a flying reptile so far discovered. Other pterodactyls were much smaller and had wingspans from 8 to 20 feet.

Though pteranodons are believed to have become extinct about 65 million years ago, this may not necessarily be the case. Many creatures which lived at that time are still alive, such as crocodiles, turtles, and the famous coelacanth prehistoric fish. Even the date of the fossil of the giant pteranodon found at Big Bend is in question. Since fossils cannot be dated by any known technical method, their age is guessed at from the geological strata around them, and since the current dating of geological strata is based on the prevailing Uniformitarian theory of slow geological change, the date of many fossils may be radically closer to our own than 65 million years.

Legends of Flying Reptiles

The Chinese have had legends for thousands of years of flying reptiles called dragons, and flying snakes as well- something apparently different. Flying reptile dragon images in China are so prevalent, they can easily be considered amongst the most common of motifs. Are they stylized depictions of real flying animals? The ancient Chinese certainly thought they were.

Almost every Indian tribe from Alaska to Tierro del Fuego has legends of a gigantic flying monster so large that, ". . . it darkened the sun." The clapping of these giants' wings created thunder, so they were known as "Thunderbirds." The Navajo Indians still perform their Thunderbird dance, and tell the legends of the "cliff monster" which lived in a high craggy roost, descending to carry people off to feed to its young. The Haida natives of the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia believe that some Thunderbirds were so large that they could literally pick up small whales from the sea. Much of their art and woodcarving depicts exactly such a capture by a Thunderbird.

It is the most surreal experience to see one of these things in this modern age.... Something you would never, ever expect to see. It makes you realise that there is far more to this world than we are lead to believe. Its almost like we have been lied to all our lives.... I know what we saw, and it was no figment of our imaginations....
It truly makes you wonder about many missing persons. Especially those that suddenly go missing off beaches at night time. One of our own Prime Ministers disappeared off a beach.
A few years back I read a story on the news of a jaw bone being found by a farmer in his field in Qld. I think it was just the lower part of the jaw but nothing else was found. The DNA matched to a man who went missing mysteriously back in 1996. I wondered how that piece of jaw bone got into the farmers field. I have had two people contact me from Qld that have seen one of these creatures. One young man said he was out locking the shed and turned to see one sitting on top of the shed looking at him. He bolted to the house, and called his parents but when they came out it was gone.
If there wasn't so many idiots debunking sightings of these creatures we would be able to with a bit of luck find out more of what they are about.... but due to idiots people do not come forward. Such a pity.

_ thought it might be a good idea to go over the older Queensland story because I recently posted about the Pterodactyl-like "Toothed Birds" and I said before it might have been a Manta ray they were seeing. While I was gathering the current data I also saw the Long island "Manta Ray" report and so I'll reprint that also:

Friday, February 04, 2011

Flying Translucent Ray-Shaped Cryptid - Hampton Bays, New York

I received a very interesting email on 2/3/2011 that described an encounter with a 'manta ray' shaped flying entity on Long Island:

Hello, Lon...

My name is Jeni and I live in New York; I grew up on Long Island and have always loved heading out East - the Montauk Projects, Brookhaven Labs; we've had a lot of experience with the unexplained out here (I've seen a plethora of various types of UFOs on LI since early childhood). I stumbled across your blog and am writing in response to the post "Winged Manta Ray Shaped Cryptid - Near Ashton, WV - 12/3/2004". (NOTE - follow up at Additional Ray-Shaped Cryptid Sightings in WV Ohio River Valley Revealed...Lon)
Date of Event: July, 2006
Time: 9:00 - 10:00 pm EST (estimated time frame)
Weather Conditions: Clear, bright night. The moon was very bright and large and you could see every star as the further east you go, the less 'light pollution you experience.
Location: Traveling West on Dune Road, stopped at the Jetty in Hampton Bays, NY (the end of Dune Road).
My experience occurred sometime in July 2006, right after my father had passed away. I regularly take long drives out to the East end of Long Island and walk on the beaches at night as it's very peaceful and isolated. The beach in Hampton Bays (the Jetty at the end of Dune Road) is particularly nice at night. I've been there at least a hundred times and had never experienced anything out of the ordinary. I took my then-fiancee out there to show him the phosphorescent shrimp that wash ashore as he had never seen them; we parked the car and proceeded to walk down to the water. The moon was very bright that night, so you could look down the long stretch of beach and see everything. We were alone. No other people were on the beach, no other cars were parked nearby and all establishments were closed; it's a rather remote area aside from a few scattered private residences and a few restaurant/bars. Now, a bit about me: I'm an artist, was raised with an open mind, am a healthy skeptic and I don't scare easily.

As soon as we stepped onto the beach I had a feeling of general unease; that instinctive fear that one would experience in the presence of a predator. I chose to ignore it; occasionally peeking over my shoulder at the long, empty stretch of beach behind me but mostly focusing on the tiny glowing shrimp beneath our feet. At one point I felt a presence and again, chose to ignore it as I've dealt with that quite a bit in my 30 years. I had not voiced my unease to my fiancee, so he was completely unaware. About 5 - 10 minutes into our short walk we were both hunched over, his back facing the jetty, mine facing the stretch of empty beach when he started peering over my shoulder, up into the sky. Perplexed, he'd look for a second, then look away - at this point I was still trying to retain my composure and not look. Finally, after a few minutes, he looked over my head and yelled "oh my god! What *is* that?!" - I turned to look and 'flying' directly over my head was this huge creature I'd never seen! I will detail as best I can:

It appeared translucent/transparent; no color whatsoever - no visible structure outside of the motion which indicated what it looked like; now, I myself am a visual artist, so this left a very distinct impression on me. This 'creature' was shaped and moving in the way a Manta Ray would; yet completely transparent! No color at all; I could see the stars through this thing; the only thing to allow the structure any appearance was the moonlight shining somehow on its' exterior!
It was larger than a standard sedan. It's wingspan was at least, from what I could estimate, 10' in width; while it was 'flying', its wings moving up and down. The movement seemed familiar, like that of a gull swooping down and hovering over the shoreline. It was approximately 10 - 15' over my head; it had no visible 'head' or 'tail'; no discernible limbs or appendages of any kind. It appeared and moved exactly as a Manta Ray without the 'Cephalic Lobes' or tail. I was completely awe-struck, but that fear took over and after about 30 seconds of staring at this thing we both turned and bolted toward the car. While running, we both simultaneously jerked our heads to the right in response to a glowing green light which seemed to flash twice (it was not the light from the tower on the jetty, nor was it from any boat; that water was clear). I never looked behind me. We started heading back on Dune Road when we saw what I could only describe as two, smaller 'rays' which moved more like a bat would, flying together from right to left overhead past the car. These two were translucent and had a grayish color to them... strange. They were flying in the direction of the beach, where the larger, more transparent creature was. On the ride home, we spoke about how confused we were, but didn't compare notes on what we had seen - I told him I wanted to wait until we got home to do that.

Now I consider myself a well-educated believer in Supernatural/Paranormal phenomenon and have a long-standing fascination with Cryptids but I always approach everything with a healthy dose of skepticism. As soon as we arrived home, I tore two pages out of a sketchbook, grabbed two pencils and gave one of each to my fiancee, instructed him to draw exactly what he had seen and left the room; I did the same. When we were done, we placed our sketches side by side and they were identical. That was enough confirmation for me. I immediately went online to try to research any reports which would help explain what we had witnessed, but I couldn't find anything at all! It was extremely frustrating. I did report the sighting to the National UFO Reporting Center (, but still, until I stumbled across this post, was at a loss for any confirmation or additional reports of this type of creature.

I really would love to hear of anyone else who may have experienced something similar on the East end of Long Island... feel free to post this if you like. I'd love some answers as I'm fascinated by this event. It's so difficult to describe the appearance due to the fact that it was transparent, yet we could see the motion. Almost like when heat rises from asphalt and wrinkles the air... I really was amazed and have no idea what this thing could be!

"It was so beautiful and strange! It reminded me of a sea creature more than anything else, maybe our air is like water to them." - I feel the same way; I instantly felt that it seemed to be 'swimming' through the air. I also believe that it's possible that multiple dimensions are simply a vibration away; that many things are likely coming over and going back from time to time...

Thank you,


NOTE: please forward any information similar to this sighting. If you have seen this cryptid, I can post as a follow up and/or forward to Jeni...Lon

--Now I'm afraid Lon is one of the fellows that I have offended with my opinions posted on this blog before and I'm afraid I'd have to say this one report still sounds to me like a manta ray seen at night: it was seen on the seashore and it seemed "Transparent" because it was black against the dark night sky, and similarly no cephalic "Horns" or tail were seen because it was dark. But then on "Phantoms and Monsters" the report segues into another set of reports of stingray or mata ray shaped "living UFOs seen in the Ohio River Valley area, including where "Mothman" reports used to be made. These are white, flat featureless creatures without any obvious heads, eyes or anything else, and they are not birds because they "Swim" through the air with a sort of shivering or rippling motion throughout their bodies.

And I'm not going to call any of the witnesses of those reports on what they say or say they are lying because I had heard similar reports from Indiana in the 1970s: in fact my first story I wrote in my High School newspaper as a reporter was about such "Living UFOs" reported locally. At the time I used the description from one of the reports as their generic name: White Ovals or White Oblongs. And they were one of the first matters I was talking about when I originally joined the SITU, back when Ivan Sanderson was still alive.I had done a survey and had several descriptions of them, including a report at near range with one of the things grounded. On that occasion the witness called it a boneless mass of protoplasm, like a colossal amoeba. In other words, a living Globster.

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  1. If the coelacanth - a fish thought to be extinct for 60 million years - is still living why can't other creatures?


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