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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Austrian Cave Encounter With Reptoids

Austrian Cave Encounter With Reptoids

Lizardman Sighting in California on Left, Fantasy Game Troglodyte on the Right

Friday, February 17, 2012

There are a number of reports out there that tell of a reptilian derived species that is humanoid and appears to live within the earth. I have also posted a report of an interview with one such creature in which it is revealed that they are terran, and arose from our own reptilian past over millions of years. They possess advanced technology and all that and do choose to live deep within the Earth.

That interview is fairly complete and also self consistent and conforms with many of my own unrelated speculations external to the issue of another route to intelligence on Earth.

It is noteworthy that at the time of the extinction, specific reptiles were prospective for the emergence of an intelligent creature.

The following report conforms well to earlier reports and descriptions.
I do think that these creatures would occasionally access the surface in order to conduct science. Thus once acceptance of the phenomena is reached, there is little here exceptional except that actual encounters show surprising familiarity on the part of the reptiles. They are not particularly afraid of us and are quite willing to communicate and will communicate. This familiarity is not observed in other UFO reported creatures.

So make of this what you will.
Austrian Cave Encounter


The original email from the witness was forwarded to me during the Christmas holidays. With honest intent and in deference to Gregor (the witness) I have debated whether to present this anecdote to the readers for a variety of reasons. I have exchanged emails with the witness but there were some communication difficulties that needed to be ironed out since his English was a bit rusty according to him. Anyway, here is the final version of Gregor's encounter:

Hello Lon - I am writing to you from where I live in Gmunden, Austria. Recently I came across your story about the man who had an encounter with an alien type creature in a cave in the United States. The story is similar to my encounter in an obscure cave here in Upper Austria. This area is known for salt mining and Salzkammergut, the salt mines of the former Habsburg empire. I am a trained and certified geologist - I studied at the University of Salzburg and in the United States at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I have explored and documented cave systems throughout Austria, Czech Republic and Poland since 1988.

In May 2011 I was in a narrow cave that a colleague had recently found. This was approximately 2 KM north of Obertraun on the opposite side of the descending mountain range in the foothills near the east bank of Halsatter See (lake). As I moved through the difficult passageway I started to hear voices emanating from the darkness ahead of me. I stopped to collect a few sample from the cave wall - chipping it with my pick. I moved deeper - maybe 50 meters - until I noticed the voices again. I am familiar with echos and Doppler effect sounds in caves but this was totally different. I stood quietly for several minutes until the voices stopped.

Again I moved through the cave - almost crawling at this point. After another 40 meters I ascended into a chamber that was big enough to accommodate several people. There were two wide openings on the opposite side of the chamber - each looked like it has been excavated by machine. There was also an obvious rotting odor. As I examined the chamber I noticed an odd red iridescence as I passed the light over the rock floor. When I knelt down to collect a sample I again heard voices coming from one of the passageways. At this point I was terrified and started to hurry back through the narrow cave. After I squeezed back several meters I was able to turn my head just enough to look back into the dark chamber.

A yellow light slowly made its way into the chamber from the left opening in the chamber - then there were several yellow lights following the first. As the lights moved through the opening into the chamber then back through the opening on the right I was able to see the beings. The sight sent fear throughout my body - I was actually paralyzed.

This is the image forwarded by the witness as a fair rendition of the creatures

The creatures were humanoid in stature - but these were not human. Each varied in height but all looked the same - muscular lizards that walked upright like humans. There is not a better term I can use to identify these beings. These creatures wore dark colored full-body uniforms that extended and covered the feet. I couldn't tell the exact color of the skin but each had a pronounced muzzle. The long tails were very prominent and swiftly swayed back and forth as they moved forward. The arms and legs were massive - I could detect the musculature through the uniforms. There were voices also - as if they were talking to each other. The voices actually sounded human though I could not detect the language. There were possibly 20 or more of these creatures as they walked single file through the chamber and into the other opening.

When I conceived it was safe to move I quickly withdrew from the cave. I think I may have been in shock because I barely remember anything that happened from that point until I reached my office. I decided to keep a private journal regarding my encounter - but I have not discussed it with anyone else. My colleague who originally found the cave told me that he has explored the cave since my encounter but never mentions anything about the chamber, other passageways or bizarre beings.

At this point in time, I am starting to doubt that I witnessed these creatures. Is it possible that I hallucinated this encounter - or possibly experienced something from the past or the future? I am a trained professional who deals with reality - but my beliefs have been seriously shaken. I appreciate your introspect and thoughts - as well as observation by your readers. Thank you – Gregor

NOTE: The fact that Gregor wondered if his encounter was a scene from another time in the past or future, he may have answered his own question...Lon


An A-Z Guide to the Weirdest Creatures on Earth

By Cole Daniels


Every culture in the world has a history of serpent people—reptilian or lizardlike humanoid creatures—in its folklore. The Yaqui of Mexico have their Snake Men. The Hopi have the Lizard People. The Chinese had the Dragon Kings. The Greeks had Glycon, a snake god with the head of a man, while the ancient Egyptians had Set, the serpent god. Early Judaism and Christianity put the serpent in the garden on his own two feet, and the Hindus had the Naga, a reptilian race that lived underground and warred with humanity. The Zulu in Africa have legends of a race of lizard people called Chitahuri or Chitauri who secretly rule the world. Nobody knows why this idea is universal across human history, or why snakes are so universally reviled as the source of all evil because of it.

From the earliest days of civilization, human beings have feared these creatures. But while mainstream science is ready to consign the Serpent People to the dustbin of myth and legend, there are indications that the lizards themselves haven’t gotten the memo.
If eyewitnesses and conspiracy theorists are to be believed, the Lizard People are still among us. Reports of reptilian humanoids range from Florida to as far north as Canada. There’s the Gatorman of New Jersey, the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, the Loveland Frogman, and the Thetis Monster, to name a few. But these Bigfoot-like monsters are nowhere near as frightening as the alien-human Reptilians (or Reptoids) who allegedly control the world through a global secret society.
Lifelong researcher of the paranormal John Keel believed that there was a race of lizard-like humanoids who predated early man and appeared to our cave-dwelling ancestors as both gods and devils. Keel believed these beings were technologically advanced and often used humans for their own ends.
More importantly, Keel believed that the lizard people were still around:
“The parahuman Serpent People of the past are still among us,” he wrote. “They were probably worshipped by the builders of Stonehenge and the forgotten ridge-making cultures of South America.”[i]
The lizard man who showed up in South Carolina in 1988 wasn’t very civilized, however.
Christopher Davis, then 17, described a seven foot tall monster with scales, fangs and claws that attacked him in Scape Ore Swamp, South Carolina. He said it attempted to tear its way into his car and jumped on the roof as he drove away in panic. Davis said the thing managed to run alongside his car at speeds up to 40 MPH. Scratches and bite marks were found for several months on other cars near the swamp.

Tracks were found, but state wildlife officials called them fakes.
Still, the sightings continue, with the most recent report from 2008, when a couple found a dead cow and coyote in a field – along with big claw marks on their car. Officials said the claw and bite marks were done by a dog. But longtime investigators of deep weirdness know that the authorities always have a cover story.

There might be a connection – however tenuous – between the Lizard Men of the swamps with the town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts. Now largely forgotten and absorbed into larger communities on the coast, Innsmouth was a hotspot of “fish-men” sightings in the Roaring Twenties. This brought some unwelcome attention to the town fathers, who were revealed to be deep into the bootlegging business, importing Canadian beer and whiskey by fishing boat. The Treasury Department, including a young Elliot Ness before his “Untouchable” days in Chicago, raided the entire waterfront in 1928. The locals were well-armed, and most of the town ended up dead or in jail. Later, government officials said the fish-man sightings were probably just skin-divers who brought the illegal booze from boats to the shore at night. Innsmouth was more or less abandoned after the raid. But several members of the Marsh family – the town founders who were named as the biggest players in the smuggling operation – vanished. Rumors put several of them in the deep South, including some of the areas haunted by lizard men. Who knows? Maybe the Marshes brought the creatures with them when they went on the run.
The colder, northern climates are best known for Bigfoot, but there are a couple lizard men encroaching on his turf, too. The Thetis Lake Monster of British Columbia, is said to look a lot like the creature from Scape Ore Swamp, and the Loveland Frog of Ohio, is supposed to be a humanoid frog-man who’s a little shorter than his cousins at about four to five feet tall.
Lizard men have also been sighted in California, Louisiana, Georgia and North Carolina.[ii]
The Lizard People also apparently had a secret underground city beneath – where else? – Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times reported in 1934 on an engineer named G. Warren Shufelt who disappeared into a mining shaft below the city in search of an ancient Hopi legend. “This network of tunnels formed the lost Lizard City, according to Shufelt and the legend,” the article states. The city was laid out like a lizard, according to Shufelt’s maps, and was filled with golden treasures. If the city was there, the paper never followed up. Shufelt was never heard from again after he went down the shaft.[iii]

Maybe the Lizard People weren’t quite dead yet. In Colorado during the Depression, a number of witnesses claimed to have seen man-sized, bipedal, dinosaur-like lizards. One was supposedly exhibited in a farmer’s barn for several days after it was shot and killed. Whether or not this is related to the “serpent people” legends of the local Hopi Indian tribes is unknown.[iv]
Perhaps the least surprising place to find slimy, serpent-like humanoids is in politics. Several conspiracy theorists have advanced a theory that blood-drinking, alien-spawned “Reptoids” have been running the world since the Dark Ages, with members ranging from the British Royal Family to the President of the United States.
The leading advocate and author of this theory is David Icke, whose previous career as a TV host led to hunting blood-drinking lizards disguised as humans.
Icke’s theory is long and convoluted, ranging from the Illuminati to the Rothschilds to the International Zionists, but it comes down to one thing: fear. According to Icke, the Reptilians are actually creating chaos in the world to feed off the negative human emotions that result. Pretty much every evil thing you can imagine is the Reptilians fault. The end goal: a captive human population controlled by microchips. “These are real blood-drinking bloodlines, people,” Icke says.[v]
As with most unknown creatures, no one has ever presented any actual, physical evidence of lizard people. But the conspiracy theorists would say that just proves there’s a cover-up. Who knows? Maybe the dinosaurs only let us think they went extinct.

[i] Keel, John A. Our Haunted Planet. Connecticut. Fawcett. 1968.
[ii] Coleman, Loren. Mothman and Other Curious Encounters. New York. Paraview Press. 2002
[iii] Bosquet, Jean. “Lizard People’s Catacomb City Hunted.” Los Angeles Times Jan. 29 1934: A1.
[iv] Arment, Chad, Ed. Cryptozoology and the Investigation of Lesser-Known Mystery Animals. Pennsylvania. Coachwhip Press. 2006.
[v] Nathaniel Page. “They Vote To Suck Your Blood.” LA City Beat March 19-25, 2009: 8-9.


  1. My big question is: what the hell are they? I've never been able to come up with a theory that explains them zoologically.

  2. On that score there's actually worse to come.
    Actually I liked my amendment to the Stenonychosaur theory: they are Troodontids that went through an aquatic phase parallel to the aquatic apes theory for human origins-and the intermediate stage is like a smooth-skinned Troodontid amphibious but upright-on-land penguin parallel.It fits all the major Reptoid features and also explains why some of them still seem to be amphibious or even aquatic.

    But there are darker inferrances that they are also doing genetic engineering on themselves and humans, resulting in astonishingly diversified mutant types and what seem to be human-Reptoid intergrades or "Abominations (The lizardwoman mother with human breasts statuette commonly illustrated, and including here,would be one example)

    Another allegation of the process shall be dealt with in a sequel blog.

    But the fact of the matter is, if they really are doing largescale breeding experiments or even actual genetic engineering on themselves, we might not actually have seen what they really look like

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  3. The report's interesting.... but I've never really had much faith in Icke's theories. So I'm not really sure what to think. The troodontid theory is interesting, although my guess is that they would probably have a layer of short feathers like a penguin.

  4. I'm very up-front with the statement that this line of research would fare ever so much better if Icke just kept his mouth shut. He is getting far too much involved in conspiracy theory and the delusions of paranoids...The delusions of paranoids might make entertaining reading but you're headed for trouble if you start believing the same way.

    As far as I'm concerned, Reptoids are neither invisible nor vampyric, although the common story is that some of them are hypnotic and have the power of suggestion to a very high level of development.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  5. The Innsmouth raid story is a rip-off of HP Lovecraft's Shadow Over Innsmouth, including the detail of the Marsh family which is in the original tale. In the story the townsfolk hybridize with fishmen that rise from the ocean.

  6. Hi Phil, sharp eye there. I wasn't looking that time.

    It looks to me as if it is not a rip-off so much as a retelling of a fictional story as if it was the truth. And I had said myself earlier that I would really like to hear any actual reports of Fishmen that were supposed to have been circulating in New England at the time. But you do get misunderstandings of that nature all the time.

    BTW, in case I need to say it again, the Thetis Lake creature was a hoax, too: the main "Witness" later recanted.
    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  7. Christopher Farnsworth wrote me to mention that the Monsterpaedia entry mixes fact with fiction and was really written as background material for a novel that is in the works. Fair enough, I think several of us have already gathered that part of this is factual in that it involves actual reports and physical evidence, and part of the entry is window-dressing. John Keel, for example, did not make quite the same statements as are attributed to him, Keel has been misquoted to go along with the general presentation being made. I think it is also fair to say, this is probably pretty much standard journalistic practice to one degree or another.

    But now we do have the statement made that not everything in the Monsterpaedia article was intended to be taken literally as stated.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

    PS, the illustrations at the end are mine and have nothing to do with Monstropedia: The illustrations with the Monsterpaedia article are also legitimate, although Elliott Ness' ID does not actually belong with the rest of it.


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