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Monday, 2 December 2013

SeaSerpents and the hairpin turn

[This pattern of the String of Buoys humps making a tight hairpin turn is noticed first in the Massachusetts Bay Sea serpent cases of 1818-1819 and it is due to the way the wake moves and does not actually show the back of the creature. It is an unusual way for a wake to behave, but it says absolutely nothing about what is making the wake. It could be highly various.-DD

Posted at the Lake Monsters Facebook page:
[Vidcaps of new video at Lake Champlain]

Sequence of pictures from the Westport cams early evening Nov 21st.
Large mass appears off the end of the dock est. 400 feet distance.
Over the next 10 minutes object wanders up to the marina buoy which
it seems to avoid swimming past (or... through).
When the entire line turns around in frames 34-40, it's reminiscent of
the diagram of the string of humps seen on Loch Ness that Rupert T.Gould
presented in his classic 1934 book "The Loch Ness Monster." See Frame 56.
Estimated size again around 40 feet long.
Use the magnifying glass app. on the bottom of the page to get a close up


--Jay Cooney wrote me subsequently that the curved object at the front of this wake [the one illustrated at Loch Ness] that suddenly emerged and submerged was probably an otter, and he said he had photos to show an otter leaping in the water doing that. He subsequently sent in this photo (One he did not consider the best example he had seen)


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