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Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Just posted to me by Carolyn Rose Goyda on Facebook, with my reply as follows:

Hey you know what? everybody gets this one wrong. There was a time back before the term "Bigfoot" became popular, that what we call "Bigfoot" now was known as "North America's Abominable Snowman", about the time Sanderson's book came out. So this is not a Yeti (and it is never called that in the story) This represents a WENDIGO. And everybody that looks at this one and says "Yetis are not white" (which is a different argument) are missing the point: this is not a Yeti and the representation of it has actually nothing to do with the Yeti reported in the Himalayas. This is the "Big Footed Snow Monster of the Northlands" which is mentioned in old cartoons back at the beginning of Talkies. H. P. Lovecraft knew enough about the Wendigo to incorporate it as a monster in his mythos.

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