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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Larry Surface's Portrait of an Eastern Bigfoot

Larry Surface was the one of my Facebook friends that had originated some of the materials I had been adding lately in regards to the Eastern Bigfoot. He recently changed his avatar to an image derived from a trailcam picture which had one of the creatures look into the camera at close range. I include also the comments on that image.

Larry Surface I constructed this model based on descriptions of witnesses. But the subject in my video is different, in that it has a more narrow face, and it's face is completely covered by hair.
  • Dale Drinnon This is probably good for the general contours, there are individual sightings that specify something like this throughout the Midwest and South
  • Victor Oropeza I'm going to have to say that this is pretty much what I am finding. There are others that look different, but who cares about those. This individual shows one thing that I have found, actually a few. I even know that some have no facial hair, and some look to have a stache and a beard and be bald headed. For those who would like to argue any of these points, I
  • Al MacLennon It's not a popular view, but it seems to make sense, especially in the north. People have the gorilla look too much in their minds.
    10 hours ago · Like
  • Victor Oropeza I'm not looking for that. I'm simply stating my case, exactly how Mr. Surface is. The brow hairline is really tight above the the sockets, and that's what I am finding. I also see some that havethe hair wrapping around the eye's, all around the eyes. This is when I understood how they could spy on us during the night, and not any facial skin would show. Good Job Mr. Surface!

    Victor Oropeza Al, the gorilla looking creature is also out there. This is why there are 3 main descriptions. Largeape. Half man half ape. Large hairy man. Here in Arizona we have those three types. As for the large hair man? I personally cannot wait until I capture one on clear video or pictures! But as for the ape looking type? They are real, we have some here in Arizona, and it's probably these that capture people. Wanna talk about scary? How about a massive ape that prowls our forests and is smarter than your everyday ape?!?! We all just need to work smarter and harder to bring all of this out!

  • Al MacLennon They inter-breed with man, they probably have different racial mixtures like humans, females probably don't have the facial hair or that much.
  • Dale Drinnon I was wanting to run this on my blog including the comments on it. Is that OK with you guys? I thought Victor said some good things and I especially wanted to quote him on that
  • Larry Surface ok with me 

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