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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Bigfoot News, Robert Lindsay

[Public Service announcement for the people who would want to check out the ongoing soap opera drama involving Justin Smeja, Melba Ketchum and Rick Dyer, I am not following any of them any more on this blog. I should mention that the Mississippi Bowhunter video also looks to me as if it has a chance of being genuine...]
New Bigfoot news! Jeff Meldrum has a Sasquatch encounter in Canada! Dr. Melba Ketchum now a teen novelist. And a mass Sasquatch sighting in British Colombia by 26 men all at once.

Bigfoot News December 14, 2013
Interesting news - Jeff Meldrum reportedly had his first Bigfoot encounter in Canada earlier this year. The rumor is that John Bindernagel was with him on this trip. The location is somewhere in Al...

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