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Friday, 13 July 2012

Crater Lake Monster Again

I had published an article mentioning the Crater Lake monster earlier (Taking material from good friend and co-worker Tabitca Cope) and I said if there was anything to the reports, it would probably have been a large seal or sealion that was being seen.

I tend to look at things in a different way than most people do. A friend had described it by saying "Dale has a peculiar sort of X-ray Vision" It involves a lot of quick measuring by eye, assessing proportions and comparing them. In this case, a Friend on Facebook was putting up pictures from monster movies on Facebook and among them was this photo from the movie Crater Lake Monster:

 I looked at it and the general shape and body posture reminded me of a California Sealion:

The movie Crater Lake Monster was fiction, but it was based on actuial rumors coming out of the lake which included actual reports and descriptions. While the depiction of the monster in the movie is not exactly the same as a witness' sketch or any more direct piece of evidence, I think this does tend to indirectly indicate the form of the creature being described by the witnesses there, and that is a strong idication that reports at Crater lake were describing a strayed California sea lion.


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  2. Considering that Crater Lake gets its name from being an extinct volcano that gradually became rain-filled over millenia, it's highly doubtful that it could be a stray sea lion. Because, to my knowledge, there's no direct outflow such a hypothetical pinniped could swim upstream against!

  3. Except that mummified seals and sea lions have been found as much as fifty miles inland in Antarctica at considerable rises in elevation and the only way they could have got there was by way of taking a grueling overland route in the worst possible weather conditions, compared to which making the trip up the slope into crater lake in good weather would be a picnic.

  4. If that's the case, the wrong-way pinnipeds of Antarctica might have had some kind of cranial-infectious parasites (similar to that found in certain self-stranded pilot whales).

  5. Possible, but not necessarily so, and not germaine to the discussion.


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