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Thursday, 10 July 2014

New Candidate Cause for "Faux Alligator" Tracks

I apologise for the long hiatus, there has been a technical problem that was refusing me access to this Blogger account.

In this case, I got a chart for common wildlife tracks posted to my Facebook account this morning.

And it suddenly struck me that the beaver tracks blown up twice the size would match the basic outline of the problematic "Faux alligator" tracks that have been reported rarely in the southern states including Florida, Texas and Louisiana. These tracks have an arrangement of toes that is nothing like the pattern of normal alligators, although the tracks are usually ascribed to alligators when they are found

And the remnant-Castoroides reports are known to specify a beaver the size of a bear. This would also account for some of the larger and stranger "Swamp Monster" reports and possibly the "Frogfoot" reports (They would not account for the somewhat similar but much slimmer "Lizard man" and "Kappa" tracks reported in Europe and Japan. and these in turn are probably more like webbed monkey feet with longer toes)

So I think we have perhaps hit upon a solution to this problem. The "River Liz" reports which have been reported and sketched by witnesses are not like this but are unwebbed and the toes are more like fingers (3-toed reports of all of these tracks also occur, and could be the result of only partial imprints of the feet)

This being the case it is also possible that some of the "Swamp Monster" reports are actually Giant beavers and that might include both Momo and the Honney Island Swamp Monster, if they are genuine reports. Their heads are big and round, legs short and they generally seem to be more animal than human in nature.

Also there seems to be some indication of small round ears and a cleft upper lip. And the eyes aren't seen from in front because they are actually on the sides of the head.

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