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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Another "Turtlelike" Plesiosaur

While on a photo earch I happened to come across this pencil drawing by Zdenek Burian as prelimiary to a reconstruction painting for the Plesiosaur Cryptoclidus:

And I was struck by hoiw much it resembled a large long-necked sea turtle, possibly like the Soay Beast for example. Cryptoclidus is the genus most like the Loch Ness Monster and so on. Here is a view of the head front-on and from above so that the "Euryapsid" skull openings can be more easily seen.

And some of the South American and Antarctic relatives of the Cryptoclidids also not only  tolerated cold water for living, they also tended to put up "Periscopes" more as in the two reconstructions below: the first one isn "Unofficial" reconstruction by a Chilean scientist, and at bottom an illustration for a recent National Geographic article on the new Antarctic find. Also there is some controversy about some of the most recent occurances of these fossils-they could be of the latest Cretaceous, but some of them look as if they might even have been after the K-T extinction event. See also Scott Mardis' essay on the topic:

More importantly the front part of the River Dragon or Mizuchi is said to have a long neck with two large side fins at the base of the neck, as represented in this mockup built on a watercraft.

(There are Sea Serpent sightings with the beast presenting such an appearance, such as around Scandinavia and in the Baltic Sea)


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