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Friday, 3 August 2012

Temagami Ontario Bigfoot Photographs, Never-Before-Seen Photos

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Once in a blue moon we find a Bigfoot photograph that just blows our mind. If you think the Melissa Hovey photograph is the king of Bigfoot photographs, then you might want to feast your eyes on these photographs. You may want to read the backstory before you complain about it looking too "real" to be real. A few minutes ago, we got this message from our friend Timothy D Ervick, the Director of Ontario Wildlife Field Research-Ontario Bigfoot.
Temagami cottagers have encounter with a very large hair covered creature and have the pictures to prove it. We all remember the tales of "Old Yellow Top" from the Cobalt area starting in the early 1900's. Well, having investigated numerous reports from the area in recent years "Old Yellow Top's" descendants are alive and well in the Temagami area today. From vocalizations, huge footprints, to actual close encounters with the creatures are becoming more prevalent. Here is just one story of many to come……. Location: Cabin on small lake just outside Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Park in Temagami Ontario, Canada. Witnesses: Mr and Mrs. D Heibert Date: April 15th 2009 Time: 2:39 pm At approx. 2:39 in the afternoon Mrs. Heibert was opening the blinds in the back bedroom of the cabin and noticed a very large hairy upright creature on the top of the hill about 50-70 yards away. She informed Mr. Heibert who grabbed the digital camera and went outside to take a picture of it. While walking around the back corner of the cabin powering up his camera (8 MP Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT, 300 mm lens) out of the corner of his eye he noticed it had seen him and froze. He had to delete several pictures from his SD card in order to be able to take any pictures. Mr. Heibert managed to take 2 pictures and while looking down at the camera it disappeared only to reappear 15 minutes later at the wood pile. It was peeking at him from the tree line beside a path. It was approx. 10 + feet tall and very massive. The creature roughly estimated to be twice the size of the witness. 3 pictures were taken in all. The pictures were taken from the back of the cottage looking up the hill from the top of the propane tank cabinet. “This thing stood perfectly still for what seemed like 5 minutes. I turned my head for a split second and it was gone”. In the following weeks the screens were pushed in or torn off some windows of the cabin. The encounter was reported to the MNR and OPP in New Liskeard on April 28/2009. 3 digitally transferred pictures were left with the officer as well as a one page written report on the incident and the witness’s phone number. The officer they spoke with found it hard to believe they were reporting it and asked, : are you serious about this, and laughed.... A game Warden and several MNR biologists (Names withheld) attended the cabin and stayed several days investigating and taking pictures of the area. They stayed on after the witnesses left. In 2010 witnesses sell cabin. Witness’s wife was no longer comfortable and afraid to go there. They believe the cabin has since been torn down. Previously In summer 2004 they were awoken at 2 am by what seemed like really deep penetrating ground thuds, like picking up a huge boulder and pounding on the ground it shook the entire landscape. It went on for about 20 min and was very random maybe 10 or 15 hits to the ground. It was very singular and deep like a seismic thumper truck, the last hit to the ground was followed by the sound of big trees cracking bout 150 yards out. The witness made coffee and stayed up till dawn that night. In 2006 after lending a local friend and three others the cabin for hunting season. They reported two black or dark blue helicopters flying low and circling for several days and nights in the area. It was definitely not Game people doing rabies cube drops; this would have been fall 2006. It is assumed they were looking for someone or something and that was also the first year in many that no one received a moose tag to his knowledge. In 2007 there was three large boulders put on the road at the bottom of the hill as you come into the top of Lake xxxx it looked like they were rolled down the hill and placed there. Two of them came up to door of the truck, one was the height of the bumper, and one of them was still there in 2010 because people began to just drive around it. Ontario Wildlife Field Research- Ontario Bigfoot has many ongoing investigations in the Temagami area. Temagami is a very rich area for reports and incidents with this unknown creature. As well as many historic reports from other investigative groups and the local media. In our opinion these witnesses (Mr. and Mrs. Heibert) are very honest and forthcoming with answers to our many questions. We appreciate the valuable information and knowledge we have gained by hearing they’re story. Timothy D Ervick Director Ontario Wildlife Field Research-Ontario Bigfoot Public Report OB1204 (Pictures below are used with permission by the owners © All Rights Reserved by Jeane Heibert)
Click on photo to enlarge
Click on photo to enlarge

1 comment:

  1. define "Never before seen"

    they have hundreds of views on Panoramio and have been online for 3 years.

    Tim is once again really late to the party. There is no Jeane Heibert btw, hence Tim avoiding telling us if he actually spoke to them.


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