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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Honduras Chupacabras-Folklore Page I Mentioned Before

Translation of the Chupacabras-Original Folklore Page I Mentioned Before: it took me forever to locate this page again. I had wanted to print it before that nasty business with Benjamin Radford started. This page has been on the internet for ages:

Legends Of Honduras

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The Sisimite
This being was recorded years ago, was seen by several people, only they were all people in the field, it is the perfect place for such beings, very mysterious and elusive. Even now Sisimite fully understood.
The Sisimite is comparable to the U.S. Bigfoot or Yeti of the Himalayas. Of course, being in a tropical climate is expected to be some differences.
The Sisimite also known by the name of Itacayo . Command a recreation of that have to be:
He eats fruit.
It is said that one of the departments of our country called Danlí appears like the Dwendi goes in search of young farmers to steal them.
The time to make the hunting exploits of the young is when the corn is gathered the maize (corn). Using corn is very high at high speed is camouflaged with great skill and takes his victim to his cave that is not easily accessible if it is found.
He has great strength and makes them strong as a howler monkey grunts. Once you have the young woman says that he has to have his children, pregnant girls giving birth to a creature half human, half beast.
He knows all this because it is known only one woman managed to escape from the clutches of Sisimite though it cost him the monster that had given birth to the grotesque being.
Young people, do not go alone to the corn as it can that they are observing Sisimite and plotting how to take them to their rooms.
Another version of Sisimite

THE Sisimite
Like their cousins ​​in the snow, the Yeti of Tibet and the Bigfoot U.S. and Canada, the Sisimite is another of those creatures that appear out of nowhere and disappear the same way. According to researcher Honduran Jesus Aguilar Paz,  Sisimite or Itacayo roams the mountains and live in inaccessible caves, feeding on wild fruits in the same way as their close relatives in Mexico and Argentina, the furry and Ucum respectively. "These monsters abducted women, and took them to their caves. It is said that this union were born ape-men." Although discussed in the mountain villages, the story of a woman who escaped from the hideout where she lived with a Sisimite. It is reported to have chased the creature carrying the three children they had in common and showing them to the mother. She managed to cross a river as the beast from the other side, showed him to attract small to achieve. Apparently Sisimite attempts had no effect, so that, enraged, threw the children into water and drowned. Federico Lunardi's Italian friar, one of the most important scholars of the Honduran culture, associated with this creature to God Chac of the Maya, "who holds the sky, the god of water." According to Lunardi, popular belief holds that in the interior of one of these caves, on a wall, are recorded "the hand with his fingers" and several tracks left by Sisimite attending midnight to the cave to sharpen their claws in the rock. [Sisemite's footprints are like human hands, and the fingerlike toes are "clawing" in the cave prints mentiond. I notice that "Apemen" are mentioned as "Children of the Sisemite" and this is a distinction which seems to have escaped Cryptozoologists. The story of the Sisemite's mate is repeated by Sanderson-DD]

The Cadejo
Older people have and some areas of the countryside of our country that this has been true and is true. Many report that they themselves have seen with their own eyes.
Interestingly, the cadejo is an animal (or a spirit or demon in animal form) similar to a dog. To control picture shows them how they were represented.
Cadejo The case is not unique to Honduras, occurs in several Central American countries, but this is the version that has at least in my country.
First the cadejo not a being that comes to you any time of day, no, he comes out only during the wee hours of the night. He is the faithful companion of travelers at night alone. Wherever they come from him the next. Many have quit or stay late sprung up where their girlfriends to play or socialize with friends ... in short, so many situations that we continue with our story better.
As I said the cadejo follows the walker and sometimes a person perceives their presence and see what turns a small dog comes along so you do not pay any attention to his presence, but progresses as the person realizes faster than that for animal never walk that far behind, this more than the animal is becoming larger. People who have been saved by a miracle that reaches the size of a horse, with eyes red as fire and spits fire for their noses.
At this point it is worth mentioning that there are two Cadejo, one white and one black. The white mone is a spirit that accompanies the traveler good night to care for and protect the black cadejo attack. The black cadejo is an evil that follows the night to scare walkers as we have seen, and finally kill him .
When the black cadejo crushing does decide to kill the person, ie not bite, just savagely beats her up to his death or leave it to the brink of death, which is why it is known. It is also interesting that when the black cadejo chasing a walker and comes with white cadejo, the latter takes the size of the black cadejo and engage in a tremendous struggle in which there is biting, hitting, clear, lots of blood. This is known by those who have been fortunate that the white cadejo save their lives.
This is the legend of cadejo. Be careful if you come out at night on the street or in the forest, more if they see a black dog following them, it may be the cadejo.

"Winged Serpent" attacking cattle
THE COMELENGUAS [Tongue-Eaters or Tongue-Removers: "Cattle Mutilations Beast"] 
In the 50's, in Nacaome, south of Honduras, a mysterious creature dreaded by the locals. In Oral Literature of the Southern Zone (Tegucigalpa, 1996), Karen Ramos and Melissa Valenzuela describe how many peasants saw a giant [snake] bird flying over the estates of the town. According to these witnesses, the day after the sightings were few cattle died in strange circumstances. One farmer said that he saw the creature attacking a bull, using his tail, like a thick snake to strangle the animal and eventually tear the tongue. However, this description is inconsistent with other stories in ensuring that the mysterious animal, baptized with the descriptive name of comelenguas left no signs of violence after their attacks. At that time, many farmers complained about the loss of cattle. Invariably, the cattle found dead, his tongue cut off root and dislocated jaws. Similar information was also collected thousands of miles away in the state of Goias (Brazil). The cases occurred in the 40's and had characteristics similar to those that took place in Honduras. These mutilations reminiscent of those that have been associated with the UFO phenomenon or the now famous chupacabras. A close relative is the bird comelenguas-leon, which frightened the inhabitants of the region Sabanagrande. According to tradition, this beast, described as a bird beak large and huge, devouring or crazy to those who had the misfortune to cross his path.
[Interestingly, the description seems to confuse the now easily recognised giant-bat Chupacabras with the Anhinga "Flying Serpent", and then calls them both by the mysterious remover-of-tongues as also reported in Brazil. More info on this below. It seems that the wild dogs are actually eating the tongues out of the already-dead cattle in both areas-DD]

The Timbo
In the early twentieth century, an annoying visitor roamed the cemeteries of the region and Texiguat Sabanagrande. It was the timbo, desecration of graves creature that fed on corpses and was also known as sacamuertos or Comemuertos. [Eaters-of-the-Dead-DD] That being looks like sharp-nosed dog in the face, walked on two legs, had a bulging belly and reddish hair. In this disturbing description added extremely strong arms and huge claws that served to start digging and rooting through graves.   [The name comes from North/Texas and actually turns out to mean "Hairless": and it is like the current Chupacabras in that it is described as a dragon-like lizard about three feet tall or like a mangy dog that roots through graves, and THAT part is probably true at least-DD]

The Crito (screamer)
Like in Brazil, Honduras screamer lives a creature that has never been seen but whose screams break the silence eerie night in the jungles and mountains of the country. In the region of Trujillo and the Sula Valley of several farmers said they heard the piercing screams of this being. "I know all the animals in these mountains and I've never heard anything like it," was what counted most. Some said they were "wandering spirits of men" killed in the trails and streams and shouting his despair.

  It is said that in the enclave of Piedra Blanca, near Trujillo (Atlantic Coast), there was a cave inhabited by a gold lizard chasing cattle. In the cave, which has paintings, strange noises were heard intimidate the locals. Perhaps the oldest known about this lizard, which is more like a golden crocodile species is the one that goes back to the early years of the conquest, when Spanish soldiers came up to the present municipality of El Corpus and found huge underground amounts of gold. To facilitate the exploitation of precious ore dug a tunnel with a length of approximately 3 miles.
The legend goes that a Holy Thursday, the holes reached the exact spot where now stands the high altar of the church, discovering a green lagoon. At the bottom is moving a huge gold lizard showing its powerful jaws menacingly intruders. [Dragon Myth-probably the same Big Iguana "Cipactli"]

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The Cyclops
Among the Indians of the Mosquito yet unexplored jungle there is a belief in a being that resembles the one-eyed Cyclops. The anthropologist Anne Chapman picked up in the 70 stories that had for this child protagonist and published in his book The Children of the death of the mythical universe Tolupanes-Jicaque of Honduras. One such story goes back to the middle of last century and speaks of an Indian, Julian Velasquez, who declined to be named. He lived near the Laguna Seca (Department of Santa Marta), but traveled to the Atlantic coast in the company of a sorcerer. There he found a tribe of cannibals who had one eye. Julian was captured and was imprisoned along with three ladinos (the name given to whites and mestizos) to be fattened. "They kill with a knife, slaughtered, the meat is eaten fried with butter and throw in a bottle," says one informant Chapman. Julian Velasquez escaped the infamous tribe. Has never heard of such Cyclops.
[The Cyclops story in this case should be regarded as the same as the Mapinguari of Brazil and it is likewise probably a sort of New World Orangutan. The details of how they cook people are not meant to be taken seriously, especially when they throw in a bottle of wine Incidentally, the illustration is very good for my interpretation, it LOOKS like an Orangutan-DD]
Home - Full Page - The Chumpa on Tombstone - The daughter of the dog - The Washer - The Sisimite - The Cadejo - The Comelenguas - The Timbo - The Boll Weevil - The Screamer - The Golden Alligator - The Cyclops - Elves

ELVES (Dwendis) The elves are the most recurrent fantasy characters in rural Honduras. For farmers it is not no legend, but flesh and bones have been seen rarely. It is believed that this kind of dwarfs happy lives, with their beautiful wives, underground palaces full of treasures. Naughty like most European elves, the Honduran falls easily from the young farmers often blatantly fondling the breasts of pubescent girls.

The Tongue-Remover ​​or Chupacabras

For Pompilio Ortega
Honduran history occurred in 1947.

Cases have been seen in more than a dozen men armed to the nails, were watching in herds of cattle, in perpetual ambush, and after all found the animal dead, without tongues, without blood and without them give account of how it all happened"
Read the first edition of Patriotic Lore, we became aware of new material as interesting as before, but has fascinated us as much as the description of the famous "Tongue-remover" (or "chupacabras") have given us the gift of Messrs. Federico Castillo and Don Miguel Anar, hunted down the first product of this dark Mountain Nature Tascalapa, jurisdiction of Trinidad, in the department of Santa Barbara, and the second here in Comayagua.
Whenever we noticed that in the case where the damage was Tongue-remover  ​​(or chupacabras) never leave visible traces, never heard of the fierce struggle and the victim, not the slightest noise. Cases have been seen in more than a dozen men armed to the nails, were watching in herds of cattle, in perpetual ambush, and after all found the animal dead, without language, without blood and without them noticing how it had all happened. But it is assumed that the fantastic legends have been woven around Tongue-remover ​​(or chupacabras) have made ​​that managers have to hunt more fear than desire to meet him. The evil spirit has been in operation in this matter, which has carried out a horrifying vampire that only occur in the gloomy caverns of the African continent, and possibly in the rugged Amazon. Fortunately there were who said that only three of a huge flock of bats, which disbanded the black continent to come to the lands of Central America, where there is no constrictors, tarantulas or large, or the voracious ants, with the Tongue-remover famous vampire (or chupacabras) and nine-inch scorpion, is the terror for the species

The Cattle-Mutilator ​​or Chupacabras
The vampire as cattle-mutilator (or chupacabras) is a giant bat, the body varies in size, before and after sucking the blood of the animal, being more or less the size of a turkey or jolote, the wings are like a stroke man, has two stomachs, like giving it to ruminants, has a huge vesicle, more than five centimeters in the form of egg secretes a viscous liquid of pungent odor of sulfur and high-powered narcotic. You have full dentures, four large teeth, two above and two below wide, razor sharp, the fanged teeth are thick and long as those in the barracks or as wild pig, which are crossed out on the sides of the jaws . The skin is covered with hair. The legs, which resemble the shape and position to those of the duck nails are so subtle that, as if they were equipped with pumps, hair still cling cattle. At the end of the upper jaw has a way to end a knife, which cuts the artery under the tongue of the cow, and a rosette on the head without hair, with a few ridges, possibly the RADAR, that mentioned above, are provided bats.
[The description strangely mixes features of two different creatures: one is a snakeneckedbird with feathered wings, body about the size of a turkey and with duck feet. This is obviously an anhinga or water-turkey. the other is the standard giant Vampyrum-Chupacabras which we have come to recognise so well-DD]

By a strange coincidence and to the delight of my readers, the two specimens of Cattle-Mutilators (Tongue-Removers or Chupacabras), who stopped sucking blood on our farms, were hunted by two men who the day gathered in my Coyocutena School in November, AD 1947. I know that these two friends are hairy-chested men, and yet Mr. Federico says that what he felt when he killed one of these macabre animals, no longer wants to feel. And my friend Michael, who instead of firearm used his dagger cruise, took good care to make a cross in the air to deliver the first machete, and when his wife was screaming at him not to touch what seemed the very Satan , as the huge vampire was caught with all the extended volume along the corridor of his house, he replied: "If this is the Devil, to confession, because he got his last hour." But that's why engrifársele stop hair when the dagger instead of cutting, with iron winced as when there is blunt on a water bladder. This happened in the village of Montañuelas, Department of Comayagua, near the hacienda of Don Cesar Zavala, Come where the Vampire (or Chupacabras) had just sucking the blood of his latest victim.

Such as that there were only three vampires and the third is possible to migrate when viewed alone, is not something that can be checked, for as you may have come from Africa, may also have left the jungles of unknown and frightening the Amazon basin, where they may keep coming, it is necessary to know how they can hunt, something that can be quite the taste for adventure seekers. The hunter must come between the cattle which is hurting, so that neither the cows feel, when the cattle are in perfect stillness, and the dark night, comes down to reach the head of the cow, while hearing the slightest noise, even the most law wind. At this place empty vampire letting out fine jets gland near the nose, the animal absorbed inadvertently. This fluid out of the gland becomes steam, numbs the victim, and as if this were not enough, the shadow moves three or four times about it, which gives an idea of ​​the vampire has used magnetic force will , with this the animal almost cataleptic state sticks out his tongue, to lick his lips, and this is when the peak-shaped knife is inserted below it and cut the artery, the blood sucking vampire and finally swallowing his tongue cut slowly for a long time since the end remains visible, like a bottle cap. Bats are so subtle in their efforts to draw blood, which passes all weights. In our neighborhood, the family of a peasant was besieged by one of these animals, the desperate father for not being able to hunt, one day he proposed his own hand squeeze. At night covered well each member of the family, leaving him openly, but with the hand ready to grab when approached.Felt when a bat entered the house through the wall, and soon heard the noise indicating he came out and was only then that he felt that the ear was bleeding. The animal was removed from his blood the dose needed and the angry hunter had been sadly deceived.

Understandably, therefore, that the hunter Tongue-Remover ​​(or chupacabras), must be placed very close to where the vampire checks for these operations. I only advise you to tie the pants, not to go out for wool and shearing (1).

(1) The press published a telegram Guaimaca last year (¿1947?), Which said that a man had been on the verge of becoming a victim of a huge vampire, who has already achieved a little faded to death. Is the only case we know in this regard.

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