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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Another Loch Ness Monster Submission from Scott Mardis

Scott Mardis made this comparison between the Loch Ness Monster as reported by William Campbell and one of the Rines underwater pictures. I thought it was pretty spot-on and very suggestive as evidence.

Comment by Jay C on Zombie Plesiosaur Society Facebook Group: I concur with Dale! Excellent work. The photographic data supports the anecdotal data and vice versa.


  1. Excellent comparison! It looks like the object in the Rines "head and neck" photo also has a flipper with a flat edge, although this could certainly be an erroneous observation. Either way, it does seem like the photographic data and anecdotal data supports one another.

    1. You might have said "a flipper with a flat edge arising from the same anatomical position" because it seems the Campbell sighting is placing a flipper in the same place relative to the head-neck as the photo also seems to indicate

  2. How would you reconcile this with the rhomboid-shaped said-to-be flippers in the 1972 photos obtained by Dines?

    1. Why on earth did you ask that? The indicated flippers are roughly rhomboid in shape already as far as it is possible to tell. Consider that the photograph is showing you the top part of the flippers as illuminated (the rest in shadow and out of the cone of light) and the witness' drawing is showing you the bottom partas breaking the water. I am beginning to think you are seriously impaired when dealing with visual images.


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