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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Administrative Notice about Abominables

In future all information pertaining to living examples of fossil humans, Almas of Asia and the American counterpart,is to be sent to the Frontiers of Anthropology blog. If there is any new information on uncaught anthropoid apes, Yetis, Yeren, Yowies or Skunk apes (NAPEs), it shall be treated as any other news item, but I don't see any particular value in going over the older information again. Any information on fossil Gigantopithecus or possible survival of Gigantopithecus is to be given a higher priority, but once again we intend to focus on new material and news items on this blog.

                   Orangutan and Orang Pendek. Orang Pendek is considered identical to the smaller kind
                   of Yeti and Yeren, and a kind of Australian Yowie: similar creatures are also reported in
                   both North and South America. This information is still in exact accordance with Ivan T.
                   Sanderson's remarks on the subject made in 1961

1 comment:

  1. I needed to add the specification that so far as the best evidence shows at this time, The Orang Pendek is not different from the orangutan at the species level. This makes it a known and not an unknown animal, although that could change if we get better evidence to the contrary.Thus far DNA evidence fits exactly with the evidence of reports and tracks on Sumatra and falls into two categories, the one being orangutan and the other being human.
    Evidence from other areas is less clear but there was a determination that some "Yeti" materials had come from orangutans (Before researchers found bear DNA and called it Yeti DNA. There is no contradiction in saying that bear reports and hairs were mistakenly included as Yetis) Currently the status would be that Yetis, Yeren, Yowies, Skunk apes (NAPEs), and Sisimites and Mapinguaris Are all identified as orangutans and are not unknown animals. They are not Cryptids Once again, that could change if we get better evidence to the contrary.


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