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Monday, 17 February 2014

Caddy Video from Lake Monsters Facebook page

This picture was posted at the Facebook Lake Monsters page as intended to show what the "Caddy" creatures in the Kelly video taken in Alaska were supposed to look like. I immediately said that the image exactly resembled the head of an elephant seal

The resemblance to an elephant seal was close enough that not only was the trunk and mouth of the creature exactly like an Elephant seal's, the distinctive peak at the back of the head was shown.

The creator of the image said that all they were doing was showing that the creature in the footage resembled the Naden Harbour "Cadborosaurus" and thus they had added the corresponding head overlaid on the still from the video. That may have been his purpose but the resulting resemblance may be more important than expected.

Once again, I did not make this image showing the head assumed to belong on the Alaskan video, all I did was to point out the resemblance to an elephant seal's head: I am merely presenting it here because it might actually be important in breaking this case. I am only taking responsibility for running it here, not for creating the image.

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