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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Administrative Notice

Yesterday I posted two news stories from Facebook and this morning  I found two notices that I had posted fake stories created by jokesters

I have been having a hard time lately because my computer's power keeps getting cut off and also because this Blogger is giving me technical difficulties. But that is not really any excuse for publishing questionable material and I consider both stories to have been poor choices to run here. Both stories have been yanked.

Please bear with me, the blogs are still not yet back up to regular production yet

1 comment:

  1. No apologies needed Dale - if you don't publish the frauds nobody can see what you have to wade through to find the real stories that need further investigation. The hoaxes & spoofs are good for a bit of light relief at times. Understand your frustration with explexitive deleted technology too. Live in France now, & despite setting the language for instructions, updates, & everything else to English (just over 2 years & still speak Frog like a bulldog chewing a wasp) the damn stubborn typically French heap of (more deleted swear words in 2 languages) still insists on doing everything in French, except at random keeps changing my keyboard language to English, while set to French. French keyboards AZERTY not QUERTY & need to see what i type. Keep em coming Dale if they're real or hoaxes, both as interesting to read.


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