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Thursday, 9 May 2013

More on Yowies

Above are some Australian rock art representations supposedly showing the Yowie.
Below is an exceptionally good Yowie track. it is 14 inches long and nearly
five inches wide, and compares well in size with many of the "Bigfoot"
 type tracks found in the colder parts of the Northern hemisphere. Attributons are to buty my server will not connect to the site for verification.

There is a famous article published in CRYPTOZOOLOGY stating that Yowie reports referred "Only" to stray individuals of wandering "Wild" Robust Aboriginals as misundersood by the witnesses. There is some merit to stating the problem in such terms because some of those Robust
fellows were unusually big and unusually hairy, and very well used to living off of the land. Furthermore a still-popuolar theory holds that they were at least partly descended from types
 of earlier fossil men known from the island of Java in Indonesia.

Mungo Man burial. This man stood at least 6'6" in life.
The genetics of Mungo Man were unusual, as shown in the chart below.
 Both of these illustrations are from Mathilda's Anthropology Blog.

Mungo Man turns out to have come from an older branch of humanity than most of the rest of us, at least on his mother's side. That branch is more closely related to the Neanderthals than us but not related to tyhe specifically European Neanderthals (A distinction wich we also see in the Denisovians) In this case this brings to mind the "Tropical Neanderthals", the Solo Men of Java
Compartison of some "Robust" fossil skulls  to Solo Man from Indonesia. KS marks one of the Kow Swamp skulls. certain other skulls from Kow Swamp seem to have been artificially deformed instead.

Photograph of one of the mostly extinct "Robust" Murrayan Aboriginals.
These were large, powerful and stocky aborigines with a lot of body hair.
 They were mostly wiped out by smallpox in the early days. Their populations were concentrated more in the area now more heavily inhabited by White Australians, in the South.
Illustration of a Yowie from a Bigfoot Discussion board:
unfortunately the original board cannot be located currently.
This is another certainly "Robust" individual but human looking enough.
Impression of a Yowie living around bog holes, from recent reports 

Cryptid Catalog: 'The Yowie'

Artwork: Bill Asmussen
It seems like just about every culture on the globe comes with its own legend of a hulking, apelike semi-human or proto-human creature – from the Yeti (or Abominable Snowman) of the Himalayan mountain range to the Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot) of the U.S. Pacific Northwest, and literally dozens of others. Australia is no exception to the rule, as there are many legends about a simian beast believed to dwell in the wilderness in all parts of the continent. Known by many names depending on the region and culture, it's most commonly referred to as the “Yowie,” or “Yahoo.”


Alleged Yowie Sighting (c/o
Tales of this creature can be traced back to ancient Aboriginal folklore, where they are described as a hairy, ape-type species, with some legends adding eerie details like clawed feet and unnatural speed. European colonists documented their accounts of similar ape-men in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and Yowie sightings are still being reported today all around the continent, as recently as last year. According to the Australian Yowie Research site, some Yowie studiers theorize the creature could be a form of the hominid species Australopithecus.
Alleged Yowie Claw (c/o
[This is obviously nothing to do with the Yowie]
Much like Bigfoot and the Yeti, accounts of the Yowie have been documented in heavily-researched books, covered in various fiction and nonfiction media (there are hundreds of Yowie-themed YouTube videos out there) and fully entrenched in Australia's popular culture. The creature was recently the subject of an award-winning comic short, which you can watch right here:

The Yowie - short film from Jens Hertzum on Vimeo.
"A very hot four day shoot in the magnificent Blue Mountains with limited time and zero budget. The crew were superb and two pick up days were added to the initial four days shooting.
Despite a number of production issues, it was worth it in the end, so far we have bagged two international awards (one for our brilliant Cinematographer Callan Green and another Merit Award for the film itself) at the 2010 LA Cinema Film Festival for our troubles!"
For ealier information about the yowie on this blog please go to this link:

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