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Friday, 1 June 2012

MK Davis New Video, Young Bigfoot-up-a-Tree

MK Davis just added this video to his YouTube account, saying that it represents a young Bigfoot climbing around in a tree. Video footage with enhancement and commentary:

Published on May 31, 2012 by
Caught in the low light of a setting sun, an alleged juvenile Bigfoot scampers up a tree and spends a raucous moment in front of the camera. M.K.Davis analyzes the short clip and provides commentary for it.  Standard YouTube License,

Thanks for all you do MK!

  • Sadly you can not tell if this is an adult chimp (someone may have released into the wild) or a bigfoot child. The deep vocals along with the smaller size would make me think it was an adult chimpanzee. The behavior and sounds seem correct for a chimp. :(

  • Dude are you kidding me? Do you really think these guys went to that length. I've had the bigs shake a tree exactly like this one did. They climb trees all the time. Those who have spent time out there amongst them know this fact. If you listen to the mindless blogs they'll see that this is this that or the other. This is a sasquatch no friggin doubt. The more people that come to the party the less logical or just plain stupid they get.

  • There is another posted video of a subject vilently shaking a tree but is standing on the ground. I cant remember the name of the video but there is snow on the ground in the video. The subject has very similar mechanics in its movements.

  • that's the real deal MK !!!

  • Murk! The vocalizations sound human. 

  • could it just be a chimp?

  • If it sounds like a duck, and if it climbs a TREE like a duck.........
    wait Ducks cant climb TREES! LOL Musta been a Sasquatch :)

  • Wow the image & sound would APPEAR to be what you would see a Young CHIMP doing.
    This BF seems to be actually playing in the tree and making playful sounds. No way to tell but I WONDER how old they grow to be?some have reported white hair or white beards(Like MINE:) so I guess they live a pretty long time.Thanks MK, great job!

  • Do you know the year and location of the video? Many thanks

  • I do but I have to leave it in generalities for now. The video is about ten years old. The area is the deep south of the United States, somewhere in the Red River area. Thanks, M.K.

  • MK some of the most amazing juvenile footage their is.Wow ! He looks like 3.5-4 ft tall.

  • You're right cprah. It's hard to keep your eyes off it, isn't it? M.K.

  • --After close viewing of the video I feel that the creature  is about the same general appearance, size and body conformation as a chimpanzee, comparable to "Cheetah" of the movies, and makes similar noises. Chimpanzees also shake the trees like that when annoyed. HOWEVER, I am not opposed to the idea it might be the young one of the same type as the "White Bigfoot" in MK Davis' other video analysis posted here earlier. It would be a better situation if we actually had a better view of it. As far as I can tell, though, it has the small head, barrel torso, overly-long arms and short bowed legs of a Chimpanzee. It is also dark in colour.

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