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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The WHOLE Picture This Time

While on a photo search for something else, I came upon the original of a much-reproduced early illustration of a female Sasquatch (Pre-Patty):

It is a Mort Kunstler illustration of the Roe encounter as illustrated for TRUE Magazine in the later 1950s.

And yes, there are other versions of the artwork but this is the full, original 2-page-spread painting. At least one other simpler versiion in a plain gray wash has also surfaced since the publication of Ivan Sanderson's Abominable Snowmen in 1961: Sanderson's book cropped out just the Sasquatch from this version of the illustration.

Best Wishes, Dale D.


  1. Great find Dale. I'm just working my way through Joshua Blu Buhs book, 'The Life and Times of a Legend: Bigfoot' and just today read all about Sanderson and 'True' magazine. The artwork above is a nice piece and apropos for me considering I just read about it a few hours ago.

    Taking a bit of a left turn here...
    I know you mostly dabble in cryptozoology, but would you consider yourself a bigfoot researcher too? Just curious. And, another question, where are you based out of? Indiana? I'm a bigfoot researcher in Ontario, Canada, but have done a fair bit of research in the U.S., having just returned from PA for 4 days/nights. Again, great find.

  2. I am a native of Indiana but I have covered reports in Illinois, Kentucky, Tenneessee, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey-and all of that primarily in the 1970s and 1980s with some more important more recent developments. Primarily the more human-like kind of Bigfoot reports but also the stray reports of bears, apes, pumas and other big cats-and I was once within arm's reach of a runaway tame wolf within the Indianapolis city limits, but I had no prior warning that it was a tame one.

    I am primarily an Anthropologist but with an extensive background in Paleontology, and I take a nuts-and-bolts approach to Cryptozoology because I tend to approach the subject from the aspect of Anatomy. If a point of anatomy in a series of reports or an artistic depiction is significant to me. I tend to focus in on that. I tend not to be really into the paranormal aspects of Forteana; not even Reptoids or Atlantis or anything else really. I happen to believe in paranormal events, but I also realize that harping on that part can seriously impair one's scientific reputation.

    There are times people tend to think of me as a big teddy bear, but other times I can act like a grouchy old grizzly when crossed. I know I have a temper and that is probably my worst character flaw; but I can also be infinitely patient and persevering, which is probably my most positive character trait.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  3. It's evidence like this that makes me seriously question the Patterson footage. I used to think "who would have ever thought to fake a female, breasted Bigfoot?" but the technology and the precedent were all there. Thank you for posting the full painting--I'd never seen the hunter before! Sadly, I think that that's what it will take to actually settle the sasquatch mystery once and for all.


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