Saturday 30 November 2013

Dax Rushlow 1987 Bigfoot Sighting, depicted by Alex Evans

"A rough full body drawing of my bigfoot I saw in 1987" by Dax Rushlow , as depicted by Alex Evans---

Dax Rushlow Going to use this for my Bigfoot Bounty Spike TV show when it airs in January.
I am so excited to see the whole figure. It is pretty dead on for the most part. It actually shows more than what I saw because it was standing in a snowbank on the side of tbe road and I never saw the feet. Only from about mid shin up..
 I would already have clear visual proof of our mountain dwelling friends if it were not for havig to work 55 hours a week... Alex Evans, You are my girl as far as I am concerned for an artist. I will proudly display anything you do. Best of all, we have actually talked. Hopefully more soon.


[The sighting was at] Northern Vermont near Canadian border .
This is basically our Eastern Bigfoot again, with the rounded top to the head and basically human proportions but extremely heavyset and with extremely large hands and feet (Alex probably exaggerated tose with some artistic license for the effect and Dax specifies he never saw the feet.)

In the skeleton compared to the drawing overlay I did below, I pretty much just made the Neanderthal skeleton from the illustration below more heavyset by an additional 25 % (A quarter again or 125% of the original), the joints are in a nearly perfect corresponding position with the long bones of the limbs at nearly the same proportionate length:

...And the face is slightly off from the Neanderthal skull but that could be due to the angle it was seen at. Alex has made the skull more like a modern human than a Neanderthal but that could also be a little artistic license. Going by other reports the similarity is quite striking and I also think this is probably very much like what Dax saw that day. The effect of the "Head flowing into the shoulders" is probably due in part to the creature having long thick matted head-hair filling in that space, hence my notation indicating the "Bite" that taking  this into consideration makes in the reconstruction.



  1. Very nice article Dale! I meant to share the sketch with you, so I'm glad you found it and recognized it as important yourself! Very interesting skeletal overlay, the proportions do seem to match, which is quite intriguing. Hopefully Dax will get some more data on these hominids.

  2. The flowing hair is a good interpretation, I would also venture that huge trapezius muscles proportionate to the reported muscularity of these things could also fill a good portion of that space.

  3. Both are factors certainly! It just seemed that we were consistently seeing something more than just a high trapezius and so I mentioned it. It also seems that younger/smaller ones have a more obvious neck and that they grow out of it later.


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